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Go Up to File Menu

File > Open
File > Open Project

Use this dialog box to locate and open a file. The title of this dialog box varies, depending on the function being performed.

The Open Project (CTRL+F11) command displays a dialog to open files that is preset to show only specific types of project files (that is, .dproj, .cbproj, .groupproj, .bdsproj, and so forth. If upgrading is necessary for an older project file type, you will be given the option to save a backup copy of the original project file.

Item Description

Look in

Lists the current directory. Use the drop-down list to select a different drive or directory.

Go To Last Folder Visited

Moves to the last directory that you were in.

Up one directory

Moves up one directory level from the current directory.

Create New Folder

Creates a new subdirectory in the current directory.

View Menu

Displays a list of files and directories along with time stamp, size, and attribute information in one of five different ways: large icons, small icons, a vertical list, details (including time stamp, size, and attribute information), and thumbnails (a miniature version of a graphical image of a file).


Displays the files in the current directory that match the wildcards in File name or the file type in Files Of Type. You can display a list of files (default) or you can show details for each file.

File name

Displays the name of the file you want to load. You can type wildcards to use as filters in the Files list box, or click the drop-down arrow to select a previously opened file.

Files of type

Displays the type of file you want to open. All files in the current directory of the selected type appear in the Files list box.


Opens the selected file.

Tip: Press F1 in any list box or column to display tooltips with more information.