C++Builder Uses DAX for ActiveX and COM

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The underlying ActiveX framework has changed beginning with C++Builder XE, for new projects to Delphi ActiveX Library (DAX), which has always been used for Delphi ActiveX projects. The previous framework was the Active Template Library (ATL).

All New COM Projects Use DAX (Delphi ActiveX)

All new projects that use COM servers/clients or automation objects now default to DAX. This applies to both Delphi and C++.

For example, if you add an ActiveX Object to a non ActiveX project or if you create a new ActiveX Library, the IDE generates DAX-based code.

If you edit an interface in the Type Library Editor, the code that is generated when you click the Refresh button now uses DAX, not ATL.

Attention: ATL is no longer supported, use DAX for your ActiveX/COM projects.


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