New features and customer reported issues fixed in RAD Studio 10.3.2

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Abstract: List of new features and customer reported issues fixed in RAD Studio 10.3 Rio - Release 2.

10.3 Rio - Release 2 (also known as 10.3.2) is an update of Delphi 10.3 Rio, C++Builder 10.3 Rio, and RAD Studio 10.3 Rio available for any active Update Subscription customer. 10.3 Rio - Release 2 consists of new features, enhancements, and quality improvements.

Key RAD Studio 10.3.2 New Features

  • macOS 64-bit support for Delphi.
  • C++ 17 for Windows 64-bit.
  • C++ LSP Code Insight Improvements.
  • RAD Server Wizards and Deployment Improvements.
  • Enhanced Firebase Android Support.
  • Delphi Linux Client Application Support.

List of customer-reported issues fixed in 10.3.2

This release also includes additional enhancements throughout various product areas and fixes for around 400 customer-reported issues.

Summary Component/s QP/QC
Changes to a TeeChart are not repainted on Android 3rd Party RSP-24087
Record content lost Compiler RSP-23443
[bcc32c Error] unable to open output file "\\obj" Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23937
[bcc32c Error]... ICE: Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000 Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24065
[C++][CLANG][ASM] Alignment attributes and directives fail for BCC32C, BCC64 Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-13408
WIN64] std::any fails to compile Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23135
bcc32c error creating package object before class definition Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23039
BCC32C Internal Compiler Error Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23610
bcc32c: Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000 compiling old code Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24573
bcc64 doesn't support not even C++14 Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-22983
C++ 17 Structured bindings don't work for 64 bit compiler Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23251
C++17 standard is only supported on Windows 32 bit Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23277
calling lambda constuctor causes "Stack overflow" at execution Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23952
Cannot compile iOS 12.2 - stdarg.h error and error compile on MacOS Mojave Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24292
Cannot create Win64 application Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24377
Clang32: [bcc32c Error] ...: non-portable path to file '".h"'; specified path differs in case from file name on disk Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24350
Compiler error dllimport but not external Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-21757
Dynamic object creation and initialization in Unit scope Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24176
Error compiling C++ DLL Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-21751
First time i open Any form i get AV Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24530
ICE Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-19645
Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000 Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23183
istringstream operator not evaluating bools correctly Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24453
It becomes ICE output in the new component creation Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23207
_messagefunc definition works on Classic compiler fails on clang 32 bits compiler Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-20023
CLANG] Line numbers missing for inline assembly errors Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-11925
Clang 32bit compiler error. Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-19029
COM+ .NET Imported code failed to compiler bcc32c Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-23864
Compiler crashes if std::bind is used with __fastcall Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-16228
ICE: Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000 Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-23549
Internal Compiler error 0 @ 00000000 Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-24494
bcc32c Linker errors when using precompiled headers Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\Back End RSP-21607
[C++][CLANG] Code auto Completed not work for Variant Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\IDE Interaction RSP-12210
C++ code insight unstable and unreliable Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\IDE Interaction RSP-13877
IDE|Code Completion] Code insight require case sensitive in CBuilder 10.3 Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\IDE Interaction, IDE\Code Insight RSP-22858
TRESTClient throws EBindingScopeFactoryError with message 'Scope class TBindSourceAdapterCustomScope not registered'. Compiler, Compiler\C++, Data\REST RSP-19139
bcc32c compiler (or linker?) bug Compiler, Compiler\C++, Linker RSP-18930
C++Builder Win64 toolchain does NOT export "static" methods of a PACKAGE class Compiler, Compiler\C++, Linker RSP-19131
[Regression] Stack Overflow in std::function Constructor Compiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++ RSP-22900
Interlocked macros from winnt.h do not work Compiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++ RSP-16451
Stack overflow when lambda is converted to std::function Compiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++ RSP-24001
Runtime error 231 with exception thrown in clang application Compiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\Delphi RSP-19314
"F2084 Internal Error: URW1224" at a complex large unit Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21625
[dccosx Fatal Error] xxx.pas(xxx): Out of memory Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23528
[ErrRec ICE] Type inference for iterator variable from incorrect expression Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22167
32-bit app compatibility with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-20577
Acces violation when using ShortString with Var in function parameters Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23216
Class properties provide wrong pointers to internal data Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21208
compiler bug with constant pointer parameter Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23316
compiler error when declaring an inline variable (NC1921) Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22976
Datasnap RESTfull imcompatibility Between 10.3 Rio and older Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-24188
DCC32 F2084 Internal Error: C14832 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22087
Delphi Linux64 record access segfault Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23415
Does not generate exe file sometimes Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-20100
E2581: E2581 Backend error: Call parameter type does not match function signature! Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23174
Endless loop in compiler until out of memory and crash of the IDE Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-17809
Error URW1224 and TObjectList? Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23124
F2084 Internal Error: C15211 compiling (Ex)TurboPower Orpheus Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22975
F2084 Internal Error: DBG1226 in generics when inferring type Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22307
F2084 Internal Error: NC1921 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23715
F2084 Internal Error: NC1921 with simple inline var code Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22036
F2084 Internal Error: URW1237 inline functions in initialization section Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-20381
Fatal Error F2084 Internal Error G12374 when using Code Insight Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-24220
inline var define complie error Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21925
Inline Variables dont work with TRegex.Split Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22113
Internal compiler error on assigning large set properties of collection items Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21644
Internal error C2527 when trying to append an element to an array of methods. Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-24304
Internal error C5551 when compiling generics with default in macOS or iOS simulator Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22004
Internal error inline variable Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23230
Internal Error: AV0A883AFF(0A810000)-R3C545F7C-0 and URW1224 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23697
MacOS: Need 64Bit compiler! cannot use NSSharingService Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-12993
Make it possible to get a macOS application notarized by Apple Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21561
Memory corruption in linux Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-24261
Memory Corruption in String Literal Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23232
Records & Int64 [dcc32 Fatal Error] F2084 Internal Error: C5551 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21790
Records as inline vars passed to a procedure as var crashes the app Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-24715
Simple inline var programme with type inference does not compile Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21680
TDoubleDynArray bug Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-22981
Win32 Release build fails if inlining is disabled Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-23349
Win64 compiler incorrectly converts between UnicodeString and UTF8String if Delete() makes the string empty Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-21390
Bug in MOV instruction, invalid code generated Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, Compiler\Delphi\BASM RSP-23002
dcc32 Fatal error F2084 Internal error L2114 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, Compiler\Delphi\CodeGen RSP-24393
Dictionary Enumerator x64 linux - bad values Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, Compiler\Delphi\CodeGen RSP-23281
DataSnap on Android produces Illegal State Exception Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, FireMonkey RSP-23691
Case# 00595583: the glyph ( like bmp) of buttons are too much dimmed when the button is disabled Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, IDE RSP-19906
Code completion leads to access violation Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, IDE RSP-23208
New 64bit Calling Convention: Exception in TRTTIMethod.Invoke, because calling by value when call by reference is expected Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, RTL\Delphi RSP-23227
Forms freeze if shown fullscreen with system zoom different from 100% Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, VCL RSP-24581
Clang ICE in lambda calls resolving properties captured with option [&] Compiler\C++ RSP-20526
SDK Manager fails on SDK versions & Paths Compiler\C++, Compiler\Delphi, FireMonkey, IDE, Install RSP-20931
catastrophic failure error when using sqlite Data RSP-23851
TFDJSONDataSet Data RSP-22781
TAzureBlobService does not work with Android Data, Data\Cloud, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-20905
TAzureTableService does not work with Android Data, Data\Cloud, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-22964
Android Client connect to REST server: 'Cannot set request property after connection is made' Data, Data\DataSnap RSP-23656
Error Datasnap resource that result a TObjectList Data, Data\DataSnap RSP-23454
GetInvocationMetadata does not work in Delphi Rio Data, Data\DataSnap RSP-23631
Marshalling TObjectList to JSON does not work anymore Data, Data\DataSnap RSP-21761
TDSRestConnection https Data, Data\DataSnap RSP-24405
CPU up to 100% on Linux using TIdSchedulerOfThreadPool in WebBroker/DataSnap applications Data, Data\DataSnap, RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Threads RSP-20508
Error in Rest DataSnap Client Data, Data\DataSnap, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-24085
TDbLookupCombobox and Property TButton.Cancel Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-10116
TDBLookupComboBox misses Return when Default button exists Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-24506
Empty String <> null Data, Data\DBRtl RSP-24263
EncodeTime throws EConvertError when trying to encode TSQLTimeStamp and fraction part is passed in nanoseconds. Data, Data\DBX RSP-23494
[FD, Oracle] Query is empty when comparing ftString parameter with CHAR column Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-23393
CData FireDac Exchange components use wrong product name Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24208
Error while tracing FireDAC on PostgreSQL Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24534
FDQuery.AfterOpen handler does not work in Master-Detail Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24105
Fireda - invalid cast in PostgreSQL floats Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24693
FireDAC - CURRENT_TIMESTAMP can return wrong value Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24557
FireDAC - out of memory PostgreSQL Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24536
FireDAC - PostgreSQL exception in destructor Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24716
FireDAC - PostgreSQL query x3 Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24699
FireDAC - problem with numeric on PostgreSQL Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24540
FireDAC fail to call Stored Procedure with default parameters (MS SQL) Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-23433
FireDAC MSSQL TVP Does not work. Hangs up Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24019
FireDac SubDetail over ParamByName Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-23868
FireDac TFDTable not pulling Index Information Correctly from MSSQL Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24148
IndexFieldNames + SetKey + GotoKey wrong behavior on Microsoft SQL Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-23550
Manually created AutoInc fields fail to increment after streaming TFDMemTable to xml and back Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24372
Setting FetchOptions.RecsMax limits indexes that are returned Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24297
TFDConnection.OnRecover is never fired when PostgreSQL stops Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-23958
TFDEventAlerter not terminated internal wait flow when server is lost Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24411
TFDParam.SetObjectValue handle ownership bug Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24264
TFDPhysASAConnection.InternalDisconnect throws exception when State = csRecovering Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-19954
TFDSQLiteBackup on iOS and Android Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-22984
Unstable call handler FDQuery.AfterScroll Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24442
Update SQLLite support to V3.28.0 Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-23023
BindingsList component Scope class TBindSourceAdapterCustomScope not registered Data, Data\LiveBindings RSP-21394
TGrid show TFMTBCDField value as (BCD). Data, Data\LiveBindings RSP-15267
RAD Server Swagger Docs Endpoint Missing Multi Tenant Parameters Data, Data\MEAP RSP-24575
Encounter Invalid Field type error when TClientDataSet instance has SetOptionalParam('P', '1/2', true) Data, Data\Midas RSP-21469
Continuous TRESTRequest will stuck after the fourth request is execute in Android Data, Data\REST RSP-23893
Exceptions from REST liberary lacking information about Data, Data\REST RSP-23872
JSONToObjectString: tkPointer is currently not supported Data, Data\REST RSP-23606
REST Request POST fails in Rio Data, Data\REST RSP-23949
Linker Error Data, FireMonkey, IDE, Linker RSP-24344
10.3 Rio datasnap using JSONReflect is not compatible with 10.2. "Field FstrBuffer cannot be found in type TJSONString" Data, RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Other RSP-21867
JSON Rio TobjectList Data\DataSnap, Data\REST, RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\List/Collections RSP-21685
DataSnap server on Linux can cause Segmentation fault (11) Data\DataSnap, RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Threads RSP-24457
[FireDAC.Phys.FB]Procedure unknown FB$OUT.ENABLE Data\FireDAC RSP-24222
FireDAC - PostgreSQL false interval value Data\FireDAC RSP-24558
RAD Server TEMSDataSetResource Docs Show Extra Slash And Ignore AllowedActions Data\MEAP RSP-24555
Delphi Tokyo 10.2.3 running program with debugger and relative paths doesn't work Debugger RSP-21265
Evaluate window shows "F2084 Internal Error" instead of result Debugger RSP-22974
Interfaced variables not displayed correctly in 64 bit debugger Local Variables or Watches Debugger RSP-18584
Delphi 10 Seattle Datasnap error: “Operation failed. Connection was closed.” when call a server method Demos RSP-14183
PhoneDailer sample raises exception when using Delphi 10.1 Berlin Demos RSP-15369
Sample Location sensor works on Android but not on iOS 12.1 Demos RSP-21800
Cannot build rt+dt package: DclFmxStd package not found File Delivery RSP-17686
"Copy from" in read only TEdit or TMemo does not work FireMonkey RSP-22936
"Include Splash Image" [Unchecked] causing crash on app start. FireMonkey RSP-24057
"Numbers" mode on virtual keyboard does not persist FireMonkey RSP-23745
[10.1.2 Regression] TColorComboBox behaviour FireMonkey RSP-18451
[10.2.3 Regression] Demonstration application "VideoPlayback/VideoPlayerTest.dpr" on Android does not work FireMonkey RSP-22956
[Android] TrackBar is not trackable after click outside of track button FireMonkey RSP-23055
[mac]Window list does not appear on Dock menu. FireMonkey RSP-12309
[MacOS] A crash in FMX.Forms when closing a modal window FireMonkey RSP-18217
[Win] TMainMenu top level MenuItems do not respond to the OnClick event FireMonkey RSP-14707
Android Tedit , TnumberBox dont' accept local decimal number FireMonkey RSP-21848
Android, TMessageReceivedNotification: TForm ist not shown FireMonkey RSP-24676
Any multithreaded Android app can crash! FireMonkey RSP-24446
Bitmap size too big Exception FireMonkey RSP-15923
bug in function TPathData.GetNumberFromString FireMonkey RSP-21452
Bug TMediaPlayerControl when Form Changed FireMonkey RSP-19193
Cannot Create OpenGL Context etc under Android FireMonkey RSP-23205
Compile for macOS 64 bit FireMonkey RSP-20725
Degradation in TStyledMemo FireMonkey RSP-23611
error in TAndroidNativeView.Destroy FireMonkey RSP-24666
Error-message by open a Datamodule with TImageList FireMonkey RSP-21878
Firemonkey on macOS - modal forms do not completely disable background form FireMonkey RSP-18065
FMX.Dialogs.ShowMessage() on Android freezes animation FireMonkey RSP-21342
Form->Hide() on macOS hides all forms FireMonkey RSP-21792
GestureManager report error when selecting standard gestures FireMonkey RSP-24503
Get a runtime error in context method 'DoDrawPrimitivesBatch' FireMonkey RSP-23198
GL_TEXTURE0 unavailable under MacOSX FireMonkey RSP-16360
Google Play Services packages for Android need updating FireMonkey RSP-21273
Hints causing exceptions on iOS and Android FireMonkey RSP-23673
How to optimize Styles loading, TText and TLabel - a way to easily speed up styles and TText (DelAmp problem) FireMonkey RSP-21096
Icons on Notifications in Android with 26 SDK FireMonkey RSP-23087
Implement FullScreen on iOS including visible status bar FireMonkey RSP-19655
Loading styles from files doesn't update backgrounds FireMonkey RSP-21252
MenuItem.Visible does not work anymore since De 10.3.1 Rio FireMonkey RSP-23916
Modal form moves behind other form FireMonkey RSP-17765
MultiView (platform) z-order stops working with TBannerAd FireMonkey RSP-23350
NotificationCenter: 2 bugs with Android FireMonkey RSP-16034
Object inspector scrolling crashes IDE (TLisview) FireMonkey RSP-24710
on android Tedit with plateform style will crash if android EditText style have no background FireMonkey RSP-24712
on win xp can not run fmx app. FireMonkey RSP-22943
OnClick-Event ist never fired for MainMenu-Item on Top-Level FireMonkey RSP-22016
Point not in layout FireMonkey RSP-24059
Property TSaveDialog.DefaultExt is doesn't work on macOS FireMonkey RSP-21788
Resizing Firemonkey TListView removes custom added TListViewItem at runtime FireMonkey RSP-24668
Setting the read only property has no effect under Android and delphi 10.3 FireMonkey RSP-23346
TControl3D.LocalToScreen returns wrong value FireMonkey RSP-24418
TEdit with Readonly = True still allows Backspace to work in Android FireMonkey RSP-23910
TEdit: Android Application terminates when virtual keyboard is closed using arrow ("hide") button, in horizontal device layout only. FireMonkey RSP-23471
TInAppPurchase Memory Leak FireMonkey RSP-24613
TLayer3D with button raised EContext3DException exception on macOS FireMonkey RSP-21530
TListView Searchbox issue on iOS FireMonkey RSP-23812
TMainMenu Does Not Update When TForm.StyleBook Is Changed FireMonkey RSP-24549
TMapView + Android 9 FireMonkey RSP-23638
TMediaPlayer (FMX) does not set State to Stopped on Win32 (does on Android and MacOS) FireMonkey RSP-21688
TMediaPlayerControl and TMediaPlayer won't stop under Delphi 10.3 with Android FireMonkey RSP-21936
TMediaPlayerControl does not show the video but the audio play fine FireMonkey RSP-19581
TMemo exception if emoticon at end of line on Android FireMonkey RSP-23474
TTextLayout.PositionAtPoint not work under macos (and maybe ios too) when wordwrap = false FireMonkey RSP-16648
TViewport3D Align-Client size not correct on Android. FireMonkey RSP-18519
TWinWindowHandle.DpiChanged improperly scale window FireMonkey RSP-18270
Use of TMainMenu on OS X suspends main thread FireMonkey RSP-20488
Using Bitmap Canvas in a thread causes warnings in Android logcat FireMonkey RSP-24298
When modal dialog closes, the modal form also closes. FireMonkey RSP-13874
Window minimize-restore via taskbar icon click is broken in all Windows flavours FireMonkey RSP-16233
Wrong TCriticalSection is used in CreateJBitmapFromYuvBuffer method in FMX.Media.Android FireMonkey RSP-23791
[Android, iOS]Complex TPath with Gradient causes App Crash FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-15647
2 Popup Menu were shown at the same time. FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-13869
Even after the patch of February this error happen: Context3D Exception with message 'Cannot activate shader program for 'TContext Android FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-19814
[10.1.2 Regression] Cannot register custom bitmap codec in FireMonkey FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime RSP-19170
TCanvasD2D.DoDrawPath will not close paths in some cases causing graphics corruption FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime RSP-16336
[MacOS] TTimer OnTimer not triggered when a native menu is displayed FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24295
[FMX] Multiple errors with memory manager ? FireMonkey, RTL\Delphi RSP-19653
3 DocWiki mistakes for Installing the RAD Studio Rio (20.0) PAServer on Linux Help and Doc RSP-23429
Delphi Doc Wiki light blue links on white are unreadable Help and Doc RSP-21614
FireDAC EMS Resource Documentation needs to be updated Help and Doc RSP-24228
page not exists (link: Help and Doc RSP-24153
access vialoation in boreditu.dll creating a new IntraWeb 15 Project IDE RSP-21941
Access violation in IDE IDE RSP-23467
Access Violation on new installed Rad studio 10.3 IDE RSP-24290
Alt+F12 Keyboard Shortcut does not work IDE RSP-24369
Android SDK is missing required components IDE RSP-22155
AV in dcc32260.dll when hovewring [UIPermission] decorator IDE RSP-23617
AVs in the IDE after running and closing FMX Win64 app in debug mode IDE RSP-23291
C++ Builder - IntelliSense not showing all existing methods (case-sensitivity) IDE RSP-23776
can't select a folder to search in IDE RSP-23075
Certificate with subject containing UTF-8 characters IDE RSP-23149
CLANG compiled packages will not install the components IDE RSP-22100
Collecting IDE statistics should be optional IDE RSP-24482
Crash after closing Style Designer IDE RSP-23793
Delphi IDE 64-bits is freezing in debug mode when starting one application IDE RSP-24241
Device Manager - can not add new device when use Dark Theme IDE RSP-23168
EConvertError when reading dproj.local (ProjectStatistics) IDE RSP-24043
Error on class implementation IDE RSP-21574
Extend TStrings visualizer with Copy To Clipboard IDE RSP-16945
Failing IDE pre-compiler header wizard IDE RSP-23996
File Recovery: Instance of Class TEditSource has dangling reference count of 1. IDE RSP-22114
Find in files flickers IDE RSP-24243
FireMonkey PathData editor does not refresh preview on paste IDE RSP-21982
get list out of bounds index when try to restart a project IDE RSP-24679
IDE Blocks in Edit Mode with large Project IDE RSP-22289
IDE doesn't launch (titlebar keeps blinking) IDE RSP-24120
IDE flicker with the new styling in 10.3 IDE RSP-23019
IDE Insight - Bad Performance IDE RSP-23927
IDE slow for opening large projects in the IDE (tracing with ProcMon) [IDE Fix Pack] IDE RSP-21972
IDE very slow when create new form or unit with large project or add a Unit to the project IDE RSP-24032
Invalid typo in Options IDE RSP-24607
iOS 11.2: Add NSLocationAlwaysAndWhenInUseUsageDescription Key To Version Info IDE RSP-19931
Items in GetIt PackageManager are not displayed correctly IDE RSP-24244
msbuild : element occurs more than once. IDE RSP-12577
New - Interitable Items IDE RSP-24191
Object inspector shows values from other properties sometimes IDE RSP-24201
Platforms have no reasonable order IDE RSP-22165
Problem on Ctrl + Shift + F IDE RSP-24054
Problems with Code Insight -> Code Completion ( Ctrl + Space ) IDE RSP-23015
Problems with swapping to design-mode IDE RSP-23103
Project Options Dialog - some frames have double scrollbars IDE RSP-22028
RAD Server Package wizard exception IDE RSP-22979
RAD Studio IDE shows wrong content in the source file tab IDE RSP-24542
Refactoring violation error when use shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+E IDE RSP-24385
Reload unit doesn't work sometimes IDE RSP-24233
The read-write access of pictures folder (MAC app store) can't be set IDE RSP-18178
TImage and graphic issues while debugging in 64 bit IDE RSP-24720
Toolbars in caption are not styled correctly IDE RSP-24445
Tools/Options/[..]/Formatierung/Delphi page is empty IDE RSP-22145
TOTADockForm is not registered for Theming IDE RSP-22072
Unable to load project IDE RSP-21201
Unnormal Extact Method for control statement that contains case statement IDE RSP-24259
Unresponsive IDE and massive memory leaks with RIO IDE RSP-23000
Using Template in component packages with clang 32-bit compiler IDE RSP-21768
wrong path to gdbserver IDE RSP-23825
Error when using high resolution monitor (3840 * 2160) on Windows 10 IDE, IDE\General RSP-19613
IDE loads wrong form/sourcecode from a projektgroup on debugging IDE, IDE\General RSP-14878
Missing Fastreport setup during the installation IDE, Install RSP-21717
The Notification platform is unavailable IDE, RTL RSP-22898
VCL Control - CheckBox - RadioButton and possible others do not change colors IDE, VCL RSP-19875
Cannot create new component derived from TComponent in C++ Builder 10.3 IDE\Build System RSP-23486
10.3.1 does not install Help and Samples Install RSP-24071
After install of the BOOST using GetIt all paths of the third party libraries will be removed Install RSP-17472
Can´t install Delphi Community Edition Install RSP-24316
February 2018 hotfix description is awkward to read Install RSP-19961
ISO file does not install properly Install RSP-24160
Unnecessary/Unwanted OS X files installed Install RSP-21715
GetIt Package Manager' installs old version of the 'FMX.PhotoEditorDemo' demo Libraries and Frameworks RSP-23071
Android signing looks at wrong drive Linker RSP-17167
Bugs fixing for linker in C++Builder 10.3 building Isapi Soap Server Linker RSP-23130
linker error LME 1608 Linker RSP-21492
Linker warnings Linker RSP-18744
Programs which compiled and linked in 10.2 now generate an OMF link error in 10.3 Linker RSP-22890
Unable to perform link: Error detected (LME200) Linker RSP-19235
comdef.h is not valid C++17 RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-24003
error in std::string_view::find_last_not_of RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-21697
std::_Exit() is not implemented RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-24279
std::atomic fails to compile RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-24002
std::variant Win64 error RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-21826
TThread memory leak in standalone 64-bit C++Builder VCL application RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-18970
Unable to compile RTL RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-20941
winapifamily.h file not found RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-23674
_com_issue_error RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\Other RSP-23625
[MacOS] Calling Macapi.Foundation functions produce unexpected AV error RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-15860
Abstract error on Windows 10 computers RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-18284
Access violations using inline variables for Windows 64-bit VCL project RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23194
Boolean type redeclaration fails with RTTI RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23537
Bug in calling procedure functions with a var ShortString parameter. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23004
bug with TFileStream.Create mode fmShareExclusive RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23826
Command line switches are not parsed correctly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-22115
Exception when setting record property through RTTI (x64) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23068
Exception when using inline var of record with managed fields RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23747
Firebase Android Patch Crash RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24648
Implement Macapi.OCBlocks for OS X RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-11504
In Android, code hangs when setting helper property of 4th instance of THTTPClient RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23923
Managed records should not affect object creations and other places negatively RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24230
NSLog macOS API not defined in RTL imports RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-15939
Overriding attributes properties in descendants in json serialization RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23888
SOAP implementation in Delphi 10.3.x not functioning / causing application/UI to 'sleep' on Android 9 (possibly earlier versions of Android) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24258
System copy raises ACCESS_VIOLATION error when source is referencie to ShortString on Target Platform Windows 64-bit RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24686
THTTPCLIENT shouldn't raise exception on Cert expiry=0 RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-15858
TJson.ObjectToJsonObject Broken for Classes With Lists RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23561
TNetHttpClient can't work in multithread under android RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23742
TStringList.SortedIndexOfName still doesn't work corret RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23753
Type inference of for-in statement using TDictionary fails RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-21632
Wrong json serialization UInt64 values. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23889
DateTimeToXMLTime produce a memory leak when called for old dates RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/Time RSP-24034
GetGMTDateTime function in Macapi.Helpers and FMX.Helpers.Mac does not support fractional time zones RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/Time RSP-18536
TLocalTimeZone causes a memory leak RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/Time RSP-24156
TListHelper.InternalMove[1-N] does not check if CurIndex is in valid range RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\List/Collections
Broken compatibility between TRESTRequest Delphi 10.2 & 10.3 RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-24227
Exception in Net.HttpClient.Android when server returns code 401 RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-20592
THttpClient - Abort in ReceiveData Event RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-12879
THTTPClient failed if client certificates are optional RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-21843
[iOS][macOS] CocoaNSStringConst raises AV when the ConstStr does not exist RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Other RSP-15967
Can not getting BLE characteristic on Windows 10. RTL, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-20619
Memory Leak When Using Date Function RTL\Delphi RSP-24166
TJsonSerializer.Deserialize unrecognizable character RTL\Delphi RSP-24262
TJSONString.IsNull returns true if chars added via TJSONString.AddChar RTL\Delphi RSP-23714
TJsonTextReader.Rewind does not cause JSON to be re-read from the beginning RTL\Delphi RSP-24517
Error in TAndroidHTTPClient.SetAuthResponse RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-24267
NetHTTPClient DivideByZero and Invalid Floating Point Errors RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-23762
Property SerialNum doesn't exist in the component TClientCert RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-23132
RESTRequest->Execute() causing crash and close of android app RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-23424
Self-Signed HTTPS request works on Windows but raises Exception on Linux RTL\Delphi\Net
System.Net.Socket Send( TBytes ) doesn't get the length correct RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-23558
THttpClient cause EAccessViolation because of bad ref counting RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-24337
THttpClient on macOS fails to handle client certificates RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-18523
TRestClient Freeze only in Android. RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-24502
Android application locking SOAP RSP-23699
Basic Authentication in THTTPRIO don't work under Android SOAP RSP-15212
ESOAPHTTPException property StatusCode removed in Delphi 10.3 SOAP RSP-23432
Property CertName doesn't exist in the component TClientCert SOAP RSP-23143
THTTPReqResp broken due to loss of OnWinInetError - could not catch/react at HTTP_STATUS_DENIED and other origon HTTP_STATUS codes SOAP RSP-24402
THttpRIO and OnNeedClientCertificate SOAP RSP-23641
THttpRio broken connect to webservice with ntlm authorization using autologon SOAP RSP-23869
THTTPRIO->HTTPWebNode->ClientCertificate CertName and SerialNumber missing SOAP RSP-21907
[Regression] TDateTimePicker does not accept in Time property value 00:00:00 VCL RSP-23256
[REGRESSION] TPicture.LoadFromStream loads empty picture VCL RSP-24474
[Windows] DPI scaling in Tabsheet/Pagecontrol works unexpectedly VCL RSP-15365
application is in the background after it has been closed VCL RSP-20386
Arc segments drawn wrong in Direct2D VCL RSP-21860
Bug In popupMenu with VCL Style VCL RSP-15476
Calling ScaleForPPI causes a window to appear before Application.Run VCL RSP-24650
class constructor TDirect2DCanvas.Create calling can AV app on WinXP VCL RSP-21822
Drawing a palette based TPngImage with tRNS transparency fails VCL RSP-16446
Dropdown arrow is tiny in high DPI VCL RSP-21255
Error activating ClientDataSet VCL RSP-24115
Frozen application en 125% DPI if WsMaximized VCL RSP-24142
maximized form VCL VCL RSP-23320
Multiple Improvements (with Code) VCL RSP-19872
OnDrawItem not called for a top-level TMenuItem after Style change VCL RSP-19436
Paint problems with visual style enabled VCL application VCL RSP-20068
Problems if "Windows Push Notifications User Service XXX" services is not running VCL RSP-22869
Right To Left Style issues with TCategoryPanelGroup VCL RSP-19243
ScaleFactor never changes for TForm VCL RSP-21702
Separator line is not displayed correctly on TMainMenu VCL RSP-23209
Set ReadOnly to TComboBox with Style = csDropDown VCL RSP-11522
TCustomEdit executes VK_DELETE while observer forbids VCL RSP-24741
TDateTimePicker OnUserInput unusable VCL RSP-21555
tDrawGrid, DPI change can freeze the computer VCL RSP-24430
TFileSaveDialog always returns 0 VCL RSP-24525
TFindDialog problems in VCL styled application VCL RSP-17848
TFrame AlignWithMargins at DesignTime VCL RSP-20413
TFrame, Align := alClient + AlignWithMargins VCL RSP-19063
TIcon does not support PNG-format icons and throws EOutOfResources VCL RSP-21318
TLabel on a TRelativePanel on a RUNTIME inserted frame scaled twice VCL RSP-21933
TListView in vsReport mode does not scale properly VCL RSP-24006
TListView, image bkg color wrong on selected, scroll thump and cursor don't align VCL RSP-16624
TScrollingStyleHook.WMMouseMove wrong behaviour, when outside of the scrollbar when styled VCL RSP-17684
TTouchKeyboard "6" to wide VCL RSP-16321
TTreeview contextmenu Y-pos VCL RSP-23614
Vcl.Graphics.pas finalization does not set ClipboardFormats to nil after Free VCL RSP-24649
VCL.Menus.pas TMenu malfunction VCL RSP-23138
wsMaxmimised modal dialogs cause application to hang VCL RSP-23722

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