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ThingPoint™ extends the functionality of RAD Server and provides an enterprise access point between remote gadgets and devices. ThingPoint allows you to locally store, filter, and compute vast amounts of IoT data collected at the edge while ensuring only critical data is synced with the central repository.

A ThingPoint is an application that you create by using several IoT features. A ThingPoint application may include ThingConnect component, RAD Server EdgeModules components, and its resources.

A ThingPoint application is typically run in proximity with IoT devices. ThingPoints provide easy access for custom code to call RAD Server. The custom code of a ThingPoint uses the ThingConnect components to interface with devices.

A ThingPoint application can be called from the RAD Server Engine (EMS Server) in response to a REST request from an RAD Server Client Application.


Main Characteristics

A ThingPoint can:

  • Communicate with the RAD Server Engine (EMS Server) bilaterally through REST API calls. A ThingPoint application with RAD Server EdgeModules can respond to requests from a RAD Server Engine.
  • Cache edge data in a SQL database.
  • Collect data from nearby ThingConnect devices.
  • Allow pre- and post-processing IoT data during collecting it from the ThingConnect devices.
  • Filter IoT collected data based on several filters criteria.


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