Known Problems in the Help

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High Priority Known Issues

Description Key Fixed on Wiki Fixed in Help2 Update1 Fixed in Help2 Update2
Links from VCL to RAD Topics do not work in Help2 if they contain colons (":") RAD-7900
Current wiki page link for Code Examples home page is broken RAD-7884
Operator Constants have broken links RAD-7886
Class aliases are ignored. ZLib.TCompressionStream should be documented as a class, not a type DCW-247
Aliased interfaces not showing up info for methods DCW-238
Restore documentation from C++Builder 6 RAD-4760 in progress
SqlExpr.TSQLConnection.StartTransaction needs more information, esp. regarding deprecation RAD-4716 fixed fixed
Add Quick-Reference table to VCL/RTL main page RAD-5926 fixed fixed

Additional Issues

Description Key Fixed on Wiki Fixed in Help2 Update 1 Fixed in Help2 Update 2 Notes
Enable single sign-on across the wiki farm DCW-223 This is a long-term issue.
Problems with Internet Explorer 6.x none N/A N/A Please upgrade your IE.

Important Issues Fixed in the Help

Description Key Fixed in RAD Studio XE Fixed on Wiki Fixed in Help Update 1 Fixed in Help Update 2
Get tree graphs from the compiler output and process into images for docwiki DCW-202 Fixed
Redesign VCL Pages DCW-267 Fixed Fixed
Make the MS SDK uninstalled, by default, with option to install DCW-106 Fixed Fixed
Restore CB6 topics about swscanf format specifiers RAD-4156 Fixed Fixed