RTL Changes for XE2

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Changes to the RTL

  • Cross-platform RTL: You can now use the Delphi RTL for cross-platform development on the following platforms:
  • Unit scope names: In RAD Studio libraries, unit names now have a unit scope or dotted-name prefix. You can see the unit scope names in the uses and includes generated by the wizards and templates in RAD Studio. The help, however, is using the non-unit-scoped names. For more information, see Unit Scope Names.
  • System.SysUtils provides the TOSVersion record so that the application can get information about the operating system on which it runs.
  • TLoginCredentialService represents an extensible, framework agnostic, login credential service with support for callbacks (success, failure).

Changes to the RTTI

RTTI for Indexed Properties

Indexed properties can have RTTI generated. See Run-Time Operations on Types (section "Working with Indexed Properties").

RTTI for Record Methods

Record methods can have RTTI generated. See the Rtti.TRttiRecordType functions and the TRttiRecordType (Delphi) code example.


The System.Rtti.TVirtualInterface class provides additional support for remote procedure call marshaling. Use this class to create an implementation of an interface at run time. This functionality is necessary when working with SOAP, for example.


System.Rtti.TRttiInstanceType provides RTTI for implemented interfaces. Use the following methods to get the interfaces implemented by a specific type: