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This release provides key new features for developing applications using both Delphi and C++Builder.

Summary of the XE2 Release

Key features of the XE2 release are:

Important New Requirement: Unit Scope Names for VCL-FMX-RTL

Important: VCL-FMX-RTL units now use a dotted-prefix naming convention, such as System.Types and Vcl.Styles. If you have existing code that uses qualified identifiers (such as Types.IStream), code changes may be required in order to compile.

Note: The wizards and templates in RAD Studio automatically insert the properly unit-scoped unit names in uses and includes. However, be aware that in the help for the VCL-FMX-RTL Libraries, the unit scope does not appear in any names of units, classes, and members. Updating the documentation to show the the unit scope names will happen in a help update.

For more information, see:

Importing or Migrating Existing Projects into XE2

When you open a pre-existing project in XE2, the Project Upgrade Required dialog box prompts you to choose conversion options for your project (convert and rename, convert and create a backup, or convert in place). For more information, see:

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