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What is an Instant Trial?

The RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial is based on AppWave Technology that greatly simplifies the installation and running of RAD Studio XE4.

Your RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial:

  • Begins running within minutes, rather than the hour or more required for a traditional trial installation.
  • Does not require:
    • A long wait for a download to complete
    • That you answer complex questions about installation and configuration

Where do I get the RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial?

You can obtain the RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial by navigating to:

Click the Try RAD Studio Free button:


What happens when I click "Start Your Trial?"


The Instant Trial begins by downloading a small executable, called the AppWaveLauncher:


Click Run, and answer "Yes" to the following User Access Control question:


After AppWave starts, you are prompted to review and accept the Software License and Support Agreement. Please review this agreement and accept it. If the agreement does not appear, please look for the End User License Agreement window under other active windows.


After you accept the terms of the License Agreement, the AppWave Browser begins streaming RAD Studio XE4 to your system:


What is the progress dialog?

The progress dialog indicates the current status of the streaming. After the streaming is completed, the RAD Studio IDE appears.



What is offline streaming?

RAD Studio starts immediately once the minimum set of files are streamed to your local environment. However, other files such as C++ libraries continue to be streamed in the background. This offline streaming continues over time until the entire RAD Studio application has been fully streamed to your system. After offline streaming is complete, you do not require a network connection for the remainder of your trial.


What is the Embarcadero AppWave Browser?

The AppWave Browser is the user window into the private application portfolio. Apps stream from the central AppWave store to the AppWave Browser. You can use the AppWave Browser to:

  • Browse available apps.
  • Select and run an app with a single click.
  • Read in-house reviews or expert advice about the app.
  • Bookmark your favorite apps.

For more information, see http://www.embarcadero.com/products/appwave/how-it-works.

Why does my initial compile seem to take longer than expected?

The Instant Trial starts as soon as you have the minimum set of files to start the RAD Studio IDE. Other files are streamed to your desktop based on your usage of RAD Studio XE4. Due to the on-demand streaming mechanism, you might see a delay when you attempt to perform new operations, such as compiling Delphi 64-bit applications or C++ applications. This happens only on the first attempt and does not occur after the Instant Trial has completed the streaming process.


During your initial compile, while the background streaming is occurring, you might see a popup compiler progress window displaying (Not Responding) in the title. This is typically not a problem, as the compiler completes the compilation after the on-demand loading completes.

I see the "preparing the application" progress indicator at lower right, but what is happening?

Typically, it takes 10 minutes to start the IDE for the first time using the RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial. This depends on your network connection.


I minimized my progress indicator, how do I get it back?

Select the Awicon.png (AppWave) icon from the system tray.


When the Awicon.png AppWave icon is present, the AppWave Browser is running.

To start the AppWave Browser, choose Start | AppWave Browser.

How do I access files in the RAD Studio installation, such as PAServer?

Accessing RAD Studio files on AppWave

The AppWave streaming RAD Studio app is installed in a virtual file space that is not available to the Windows File Explorer on your local system. Instead, use the File Browser to navigate to the RAD Studio installation files, such as PAServer (the Platform Assistant), various run-time packages, and product licensing information.

In RAD Studio, select View > File Browser to navigate to and browse the virtual and real file spaces of the AppWave streaming RAD Studio app.

The File Browser:

  • Appears in the Project Manager pane (upper right section of window).
  • Displays the file space, both real and the virtual, of the RAD Studio installation.
    • For example, the location of the RAD Studio XE4 installation is:
    And the location of the PAServer installers is:

You can use the files in the virtual file space as if they are local to your system. For example, you can run cmd.exe from the RAD Studio virtual file space.

Installing PAServer on a target platform using the RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial

To create cross-platform applications using RAD Studio, you typically need to install PAServer, the Platform Assistant Server Application, on the target platform.

The location of files such as PAServer is different in a streamed RAD Studio AppWave app versus an installed RAD Studio application. The following procedures describe the streamed AppWave app version of RAD Studio, and provide links to the procedures that describe an installed RAD Studio application.

To obtain PAServer for the 64-bit Windows platform

PAServer is not required if you are using a 64-bit Windows development system. PAServer is only required if you are using a remote 64-bit Windows system connected to a 32-bit Windows development system.

  1. In RAD Studio, choose View > File Browser.
  2. In the File Browser, navigate to the C:/XE4/PAServer folder in the virtual file space.
  3. Copy setup_paserver.exe and move it to your 64-bit Windows target system.

For more information, see:

To obtain PAServer for the MAC OS X and iOS platforms

On the Mac, navigate to the following URL for the automatic download:

For more information, see:

How do I uninstall the RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial?

To uninstall the RAD Studio Instant trial, you can either uninstall the Embarcadero AppWave Browser from the Control Panel, or follow these steps:

  1. In the AppWave Browser, select Managed Apps.
  2. Right-click "RAD Studio" and select Delete Application.


Where can I learn more about Embarcadero AppWave?

For more information about AppWave, see our website: http://www.embarcadero.com/products/appwave.


How do I get help for AppWave?

You can display the online help by pressing F1 when you are using the AppWave Browser.

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