Migrating VCL Applications to Cross-Platform

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Migrating 32-bit VCL Applications to 64-bit Windows

The VCL is supported on the 64-bit Windows platform. See:

"Migrating" VCL Applications to the Mac

The VCL is not supported on the Mac OS X platform, so a VCL application has no direct migration path to the Mac or to FireMonkey.

If you have a VCL application that you want to migrate to the Mac OS X platform, you start by creating either a cross-platform console application or a FireMonkey application, as described in the following steps:

  1. Create either:
    For example, the File > New > Other > FireMonkey Application wizard automatically uses the FireMonkey (cross-platform) components and cross-platform RTL.
    For more information, see Steps in Creating Cross-Platform Applications.
  2. Install and run the Platform Assistant on the Mac.
  3. Create a connection profile on the development system to configure the connection to the Platform Assistant installation on the target platform (Mac OS X).
  4. For C++, add an SDK to the development system as well, to provide the Mac OS X headers and libraries necessary for building.
  5. Redesign your Windows application with the requirements of the target platform in mind.
    For example, you cannot use any Windows function calls in an application for the Mac.
    If you want to re-use the logic in your original application, refactor your Windows application and cut & paste sections of the code into the new application.
  6. Debug your cross-platform application.
  7. Compile and build your application.

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