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XE6 Update 1 includes:

  • Delphi XE6 Update 1
  • C++Builder XE6 Update 1
  • RAD Studio XE6 Update 1
  • Updated online help

These release notes contain important supplementary information that might not appear in the main product documentation. We recommend that you read the release notes in entirety.

This document refers to "the product" when the information applies to RAD Studio XE6, or to either or both of the two personalities: Delphi XE6 and C++Builder XE6.

For general information about installation, deployment, and licensing, see the Install, Deploy, and License files located, by default, at C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\14.0.

Obtaining this Update

Delphi and C++Builder XE6 Update 1 is available as an MSI installer that requires uninstalling your previous installation. For instructions on installing the update, see Instructions for Installation.

This update applies to the following products:

  • Delphi XE6
  • C++Builder XE6
  • RAD Studio XE6

An ISO consisting of the full Update 1 install is also available from the Registered Users Web Page.

Downloading from the Registered Users Web Page

The update is available for download from the registered users download pages as follows:

Download <delphicbuilder_xe6_upd1.exe> to your computer. This is the installer that installs the update. The steps to follow for installation are given in #Instructions for Installation.

Instructions for Installation

Verify the Disk Space Required for Installation Process and Product Footprint

Before you start the installation, you should ensure that your development system has sufficient free disk space to allow caching and copying files during the installation and to accommodate the product footprint when installed. Together, the product install and the product footprint might require free disk space between:

  • 30 GB of free space (for a Delphi-only Professional SKU)
  • 50 GB of free space (for a studio SKU with mobile)

Installing XE6 Update 1

To start the installation, run the setup.exe installer. If you have XE6 already installed, you will be prompted that XE6 will be uninstalled and then Update 1 will be installed.

Installing the ISO

Installing the XE6 Update 1 ISO

If you downloaded the ISO for XE6 Update 1, then you must do the following:

  1. If you have XE6 installed, the Update 1 installer will uninstall XE6 for you (or you can uninstall the XE6 product yourself).
  2. Mount the ISO and run <install_RADStudio.exe> to start the installation.

Installing the Platform Assistant Update

The Platform Assistant server is required for cross-platform application development that targets either Mac OS X or iOS (the iOS simulator or iOS device). The XE6 Update 1 install contains new versions of the Platform Assistant installers (including PAServer.exe and PAServer.pkg). The installer files are located in the PAServer folder.

To uninstall the Platform Assistant:

  • On the Mac, it is not necessary to uninstall the Platform Assistant, but you can use the "Move to Trash" command if you want to remove the previous version.
  • On Windows, use Uninstall PAServer.exe to uninstall the Platform Assistant (recommended). The Uninstall program is located in the installation directory for the Platform Assistant.
    (Several versions of the Platform Assistant can coexist on a system, as long as you run each version on a different port.)

To install the updated Platform Assistant:

You have two choices:

For more information, see:

Contents of XE6 Update 1

Many bug fixes are included for XE6. XE6 Update 1 also includes an update of the online help. The help is installed by default during installation of the update.

Fixed Issues

Fix List for XE6 Update 1

For a complete list of the specific problems fixed in this update, see "Fix list for Update 1 for RAD Studio XE6, Delphi XE6 and C++Builder XE6":

Known Issues

See Also

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