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Thank you for using Team Server, the award-winning web-based tool to access, search, edit and manage enterprise metadata. Team Server is a model and metadata collaboration platform that provides greater meaning, understanding and, context to enterprise data. Data professionals, developers, and business analysts gain better comprehension and compliance using integrated model, metadata and collaboration tools.

These Release Notes contain important information that might not appear in the Team Server documentation. We recommend that you read this page in its entirety. If you are seeing this information offline, you may find more updated information of the current version of these notes on the online documentation.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 18.4.0

ERS-19019 Added support for PostgreSQL datatype.
ERS-24628 Corrected an issue causing ERDA to fail when opening certain models if: the model has special characters and the operating system has other regional settings.
ERS-26396 Added the ability to disable spell check functionality.
ERS-26470 Corrected an issue causing Entity and Attribute definition crashes when entering Korean or Japanese characters.
ERS-26596 Corrected an issue causing the system to not located Postgres: IDENTITY in the DDL.
ERS-26632 Corrected a generate report issue caused by special characters in German language Umlauts, such as ä, ö, and ü.
ERS-26637 Updated the Quick Start Guide to reference Business Data Objects.
ERS-26746 Improved response time when reverse engineering models with a large number of constraints.
ERS-26937 Corrected an issue causing duplicate UNIQUE INDEX statements.
ERS-27114 Added functionality to allow reverse engineering of a Snowflake database using an ODBC connection.
ERS-27138 Corrected an issue causing comments to appear before a table rename statement in the Compare and Merge utility.
ERS-27253 Corrected an issue causing an invalid index name length when generating the DDL.
ERS-27598 Corrected an issue preventing the proper display of Scandinavian characters.
ERS-27601 Corrected an issue causing ERDA to fail during some Macro Text Editor functions.
ERS-27639 Improved end-user documentation for Relationship Notation.
ERS-27645 Added support for RANGE datatype in PostgreSQL.
ERS-27650 Improved General Options settings for MongoDB models.
ERS-27791 Improved datatype handling by now converting custom serial datatype foreign key columns to integer when the parent column uses the serial datatype.
ERS-27926 Updated Redshift Reverse Engineering from script to now recognize int4 and int8.
RWP-8889 Corrected an issue preventing View attributes from displaying in View details.
RWP-8924 Corrected an issue preventing linking of terms for domains in enterprise data dictionaries.
RWP-8989 Corrected an issue that ignored Publish Models permissions when using Repository permission precedence.
RWP-9007 Improved response time of CONCATENATE_OVERFLOW_DATA during ready state publishing in Oracle environments.
RWP-9015 Corrected an issue causing the error: Publication error - The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 18.3.0

RWP-7663 This release now allows users to maintain ad hoc reports after upgrading.
RWP-8305 Updated the self-signed certificate to use SHA-2.
RWP-8512 Users now receive notification when someone changes an object that user follows.
RWP-8537 Corrected an issue that caused Definitions with RTF formatting saved in ERDA to display a tab in Team Server.
RWP-8723 Corrected an installation issue caused when the installer encountered an existing Visual C++ redistributable.
RWP-8729 Corrected an issue that caused a Partial Success status to appear after a successful publication where submodels were deleted.
RWP-8738 Corrected an issue that caused HTML tags to appear in table definitions.
RWP-8745 Corrected an upgrade issue that resulted in the uninstallation of and failure to reinstall the the MSSQL driver.
ERS-11543 Added support for PostgreSQL to generate Alter script.
ERS-16492 Added support for SQL import of PostgreSQL.
ERS-25925 Corrected an issue causing DDL for Views in PostgreSQL 9.x to generate View comments incorrectly.
ERS-26758 Corrected an issue preventing reverse engineering with Sybase ASE 15.x or 16.x.
ERS-27335 Corrected an issue causing the improper handling of the SERIAL data type for foreign keys in PostgreSQL.
ERS-27390 Corrected issues with the Data Lineage Export to Excel macro performance.
ERS-27455 Corrected an issue causing the GUI font to shrink.
ERS-27548 Improved testing of SQL Import to PostgreSQL.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 18.2

RWP-8078 Security issues fixed in the Team Server application.
RWP-8573 The Team Server installer no longer changes the port to 81 when upgrading.
RWP-8772 Corrected an issue preventing some users from configuring Team Server after an upgrade.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 18.1.1

ERS-27435 The Repository is no longer reading the Auto-Publish option as also enabling the Keep Checked Out option on check-in.
RWP-8138 Reference values with large numbers of values are now shown properly in Team Server.
RWP-8703 Users can now use Windows authentication for a separate runtime user when configuring against SQL Server 2016.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 18.1.0

RWP-6599 Corrects an issue in some situations causing upgrades from previous versions to not properly migrate some table properties, such as composite data types.
RWP-7568 Previously, users who had RTF formatting for glossaries and terms in ER/Studio Team Server were restricted to approximately 600 characters of content rather than 200.

This release includes storage expanded correctly to accommodate the formatting tags.

RWP-7675 Corrects an issue that caused Team Server to display the tag rather than the actual formatting in some instances.

This issue occurred when viewed by non-administrator users after the administrator edited some fields within the custom tags.

RWP-7742 Corrects the export of glossaries and terms when an advanced search is applied to restrict the result set.
RWP-7746 For models published in Team Server, the order of the attachments now appears in the same order as in the source model.
RWP-7974 Corrected a buffer overflow error resulting when publishing metadata for very large check constraints to an Oracle hosted Team Server database.

This overflow triggered an ORA-22835 exception: Buffer too small for CLOB to CHAR or BLOB to RAW conversion.

RWP-8165 When using the change management integration to Jira, tasks from Jira were not appearing correctly in order to be referenced during check-in or check-out.
RWP-8197 Corrected an issue when publishing reference values in Oracle hosted environments.

Reference values with large min/max values were causing an overflow exception - ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column.

RWP-8360 Descriptive business rules in data lineage models are not being formatted correctly when published in Team Server.
RWP-8379 When sorting on the Publications page, sorts did not work correctly when Team Server contained data model diagrams and Business Architect workspaces.

The publications UI is updated to clearly designate data model diagrams vs workspaces and sort correctly.

RWP-8437 Global auto-publish preferences UI has been updated to make it clear that changes apply to workspaces as well as data model diagrams.
RWP-8470 This release includes improvements to repository/team server configurator.

These improvements help support Windows authentication to connect to the SQL Server hosted database from repository services and the Team Server application server.

RWP-8476 Updated the configurator UI to indicate that Oracle versions up to 12CR2 are supported for repository/Team Server hosting.
RWP-8523 When publishing a model, a NULL pointer exception occurred due to corruption in the model file itself.

This exception caused publishing to fail before completing publish of the valid metadata in the file.

Publishing is modified to handle this exception condition more gracefully, allowing publication to complete.

RWP-8537 When publishing a model created in version 16.0 or earlier, the definition text may not be properly aligned for some objects.

This issue was due to hidden RTF tags that are included when a definition is edited.

Publishing of the metadata has been corrected to retain correct alignment and indenting.

RWP-8544 Improved performance of comments synchronization during publishing.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 18.0.0

RWP-6710 The Publishing console now displays several intermediate status values during publication to provide better visibility of status.

When all processing is complete, the final status is stated as "Published."

RWP-6768 Corrects an issue that occasionally caused some objects in unpublished diagrams to appear in ad-hoc reports.
RWP-6961 Corrects an issue that occurred during publishing, preventing model image generation from properly triggering in some situations.
RWP-7213 Corrects an issue that incorrectly changed published status when renaming a diagram.
RWP-7536 In previous versions, diagrams were incorrectly shown under ER Tools in Team Server.

Publishing is totally redesigned in ER/Studio 18.0, removing the requirement to republish diagrams when upgrading from version 16.1 or later.

Therefore, all previously published items remain in ER Tools and ER Objects.

RWP-7566 Corrects an issue that occasionally prevented some models, submodels, and additional objects from being fully published.
RWP-7580 Corrects an issue that occasionally caused publishing to fail due to a social activity (streams) error.
RWP-7689 Corrects an issue with auto published diagrams that displayed sysadmin rather than the username who checked in the diagram.
RWP-7713 Improved the repository database connection verification within the Team Server/Repository configuration screens.
RWP-7747 Updated the behavior of the Team Server expand (+) and contract (-) buttons to be consistent with the Get Diagrams list in the repository.
RWP-7751 On the Publication page, the Refresh button retains the selected filters.

Filtering capability is fully redesigned in this release, with the ability to define and save complex filter criteria.

RWP-7793 Oracle 12c R2 is certified as a deployment platform for repository and Team Server.
RWP-7854 Improved Team Server recognition of a locked database user profile.
RWP-7867 The installation and configuration of repository and Team Server is significantly enhanced.

This includes improvements to update of installation and license type from Professional Edition to Enterprise Team Edition.

RWP-7897 Corrects an issue in which the configurator did not advance correctly due to licensing credentials.
RWP-7913 Corrects inconsistencies in initial vs update repository configuration for ER/Studio Professional Edition.
RWP-7969 Corrects behavior when checking diagrams in to ER/Studio Professional Edition repository.

In some cases, a publication synchronization error appeared even though diagram publishing is not part of the ER/Studio Professional Edition functionality.

RWP-8021 Corrects the digital signature on the ER/Studio publishing component of the Portal interface.
RWP-8101 Corrects an issue that occurred when moving a domain within a data dictionary, causing an incorrect error message in Team Server.

The message states, "The object may be deleted or not synchronized yet."

RWP-8141 DB2 is no longer supported as a Team Server/Repository hosting platform.
RWP-8150 In ER/Studio 18.0, the Team Server/Repository installation and configuration is completely overhauled.

This results in a much more efficient install/configuration workflow, ease of use, and much faster completion.

There is no longer a requirement to uninstall and re-install when upgrading from 16.1 or later versions. The installer now detects an existing version and upgrade in place.

Existing settings are retained and shown in the configuration screens for confirmation or changes, as required.

In previous versions, the upgrade process was time consuming in large environments, due to the previous requirement to fully republish all diagrams and workspaces.

All published diagrams and workspaces are now retained in their current published state, allowing quick resumption of normal workflow.

Going forward, publish history (with ER/Studio software version) also is retained.

RWP-8151 ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition publishing of models to Team Server is fully redesigned in this release.

Publishing moved to the main menu in Team Server.

In addition, there are global options for:

  • auto-publish behavior (with override capability)
  • completely redesigned publishing console that supports sortable columns
  • advanced filters
  • publication scheduling
  • drill-down to publication history for each diagram or workspace

The ability to override auto-publish defaults at repository check-in also is incorporated.

Known Issues

RWP-8882 Error appears when testing connection in Data Sources.
RWP-8939 Notification emails sent for disabled logins.
ERS-27526 When generating an extended alter, the temporary table is not dropped in the script when using Compare/Merge on an Amazon Redshift model.
ERS-27725 Reverse engineering does not identify MD5Hash or Disable option on user passwords.
ERS-27806 Unable to validate SQL if referenced object has a space in its name.
ERS-27807 Unable to validate procedure/function if it contains (*).
ERS-27811 Table owner/schema name is not included in generated Alter SQL file.
ERS-27816 Datatypes point, pg_lsn and bit varying incorrectly reverse engineered as char in PostgreSQL.
ERS-27822 Inconsistency with time zone property when comparing against lice database in PostgreSQL.
ERS-27823 Alter SQL not generated properly for tables with point/pg_lsn datatypes.
ERS-27824 User-modified datatype mappings not honored during SQL Import.

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