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ER/Studio Team Server is a web server application with a database of its own, the Reporting Repository, which is synchronized with ER/Studio Repository.


The following list describes the process of creating and accessing the metadata:

  1. The metadata is created and maintained by ER/Studio clients.
  2. That metadata is stored in the ER/Studio Repository database.
  3. Through an ETL (extract, transform, and load) process that metadata is pulled into the Reporting Repository database, which is synchronized on a scheduled basis with the ER/Studio Repository database.
  4. ER/Studio Team Server users can then browse, search, and generate reports on the synchronized metadata in the ER/Studio Team Server Reporting Repository.

The Reporting Repository database contains properties for logical and physical model ER objects, and is optimized for quick and efficient reporting of business-related metadata. The Reporting Repository provides easy access, browser and searching features on the ER/Studio Repository metadata, and allows storing and managing reports from previous queries and the metadata they rely on.

Note: Initially, physical properties that are specific to a relational database platform and/or version will not be extracted from the ER/Studio Repository or transferred to the reporting database.

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