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REST Debugger is a tool that you can use to test and debug your REST queries.

The interface has the Request pane with four tabs that contain the main request information, the resource and the parameters request, the authentication methods, and the option to use proxy to connect to the server.

For example, you can use the REST Debugger to connect to a music service and get the albums or artists information within a TStringGrid, as described in the following steps.

  1. Open the IDE and select Tools > REST Debugger.
    Tip: If the REST Debugger is not present on your Tools menu, see Installing the REST Debugger.
  2. On the Request tab, enter the base URL,
  3. Open the Parameters tab and enter the Resource identifier, songs.json.
  4. Add the request parameter in the following way:
    1. Click the Add button, and in the Add parameter dialog, specify the following properties:
      • Kind property as GET/POST.
      • Name property as pattern.
      • Value property as Rolling Stones (for example).
    2. Click the Apply button to close the Add parameter dialog.
  5. Click the Send Request button.
  6. Open the Tabular Data tab to see the albums information.


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