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This is a reference guide that describes in details every feature that the Team Server REST API supports. For a comprehensive introduction to the REST API and guidance to get started using it, see the Developer Guide.

The following pages provide relative API paths, such as /clients . You must append the Team Server API URL to the beginning of those paths. The API URL is http://<domain>:<port>/api/v1 , where <domain> and <port> are those of a running Team Server installation. For example, to access /clients , you would send a request to an URL such as http://connect.example.com/api/v1/clients .

Requests to create and modify resources (POST and PUT respectively) must define any parameters in the body of the request, in JSON format. These request must also include the Content-Type HTTP header defined with the value application/json.

Note: Field names are case sensitive.

REST API Resources

To access any resource of the Team Server REST API, first you need to be authorized to do so. Most parts of the API are restricted to authorized clients, and to obtain authorization you need to use the following parts of the API:

Once you have an authorization token, you can access any of the following resources through the Team Server REST API:

You can use the Filtering API in any request that returns a list of resources. You can filter resources by the first letter of the name, by search terms and by pagination parameters.

If a response from Team Server to a resource API request (glossaries, terms, ER objects, data sources) contains an error, see API Error Index.

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