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This sample demonstrates how to use the TFDParam.ArrayType property to send arrays to a database server using FireDAC.


You can find the Arrays project at:


The Arrays sample shows you how to use the TFDParam.ArrayType property to send arrays to a database server. To this end the ArrayType property is set to atTable.

Note: This demo establishes a connection to the Interbase localhost server by default, using the SYSDBA user. You can change these parameters to connect to a different InterBase server using a valid user name and password.

How to Use the Sample

  1. Navigate to the location given above and open IBArrays.dproj.
  2. Press F9 or choose Run > Run.
  3. Use the parameters by default to connect to the local InterBase server with the default SYSDBA user.
  4. Press the IBwrite and IBread buttons to send/recive arrays to/from a databse server.


File in Delphi Contains


The project itself.


The main form.


Before running the sample, the main components are configured at design time using the Object Inspector as follows:

  • A TFDConnection object named FDConnection1. This is the FireDAC connection object that the sample uses to connect to a DBMS. The sample sets the ConnectionDefName property to IB_Demo.
  • A TFDQuery object named FDQuery1. This component implements a dataset capable of executing SQL queries. The sample sets its Connection property to FDConnection1 in order to specify the FireDAC connection object.
  • A TDataSource object named DataSource1. This component provides an interface between a dataset component and data-aware controls on a form. In this sample, it is used to provide communication between the dataset and the grid where the dataset is displayed. To this end, the sample sets the following properties:
  • The DataSet property of DataSource is set to FDQuery1.
  • The DataSource property of DBGrid1 is set to DataSource1.

When you run the application, you see a grid and two buttons labeled as: IBread and IBwrite. Both buttons have an OnClick event to do the following:

  • IBwrite:
Press this button to send arrays to a database server. When you press this button, the sample takes the following steps:
  1. Uses the Text property of SQL to set the SQL command that FDQuery1 will execute.
  2. Sets the TFDParam.DataTypeName to specify the field name as <TableName>.<FieldName>.
  3. Sets the TFDParam.ArrayType property to atTable.
    Note: If you set it to atArray it does not work.
  4. Sets the array size with the TFDParam.ArraySize property.
  5. Sets the arrays using the AsStrings property:
  6. Sends the arrays to the database server by executing the SQL command specified in the first step.
  • IBread:
Uses the Open method to read the arrays from the database server. The sample displays the arrays on the grid.


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