Overview of the Embarcadero Connect Architecture

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Embarcadero Connect is a web server application with a database of its own, the Reporting Repository, which is synchronized with ER/Studio Repository.


The following list describes the process of creating and accessing the metadata:

  1. The metadata is created and maintained by ER/Studio clients.
  2. That metadata is stored in the ER/Studio Repository database.
  3. Through an ETL (extract, transform, and load) process that metadata is pulled into the Reporting Repository database, which is synchronized on a scheduled basis with the ER/Studio Repository database.
  4. Embarcadero Connect users can then browse, search, and generate reports on the synchronized metadata in the Embarcadero Connect Reporting Repository.

The Reporting Repository database contains properties for logical and physical model ER objects, and is optimized for quick and efficient reporting of business-related metadata. The Reporting Repository provides easy access, browser and searching features on the ER/Studio Repository metadata, and allows storing and managing reports from previous queries and the metadata they rely on.

Note: Initially, physical properties that are specific to a relational database platform and/or version will not be extracted from the ER/Studio Repository or transferred to the reporting database.