Aliases Wizard (DB2 Z/OS)

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An alias offers you security and convenience so that you can refer to an object without revealing who owns it or what database it belongs to. You can create aliases for tables or views. The Alias Wizard lets you create an alias without knowing the underlying commands. As you complete the Alias Wizard process, a CREATE ALIAS statement based on the information that you supply is generated. To create an alias, you must have CREATE ALIAS privileges or sysadmin or sysctrl authority.

To create a new alias using a wizard:

  1. Open a creation wizard for an alias. For details, see Opening an Object Wizard.
  2. Use the following topics as a guide to setting properties and performing tasks as you pass through the wizard panels:
  3. Finally, use the Execute button to create the object.

Aliases (DB2 z/OS) - Properties

When creating or editing a view, this tab/panel lets you work with the following settings:

Setting Description


Select the schema that is to own the alias.


Provide a name for the alias.

Target Owner

Select the owner of the object to which you are creating an alias.

Target Type

Select the type of object (TABLE, VIEW) to which you are creating an alias.

Target Name

Select the specific object to which you are creating an alias.