Column Encryption Key Wizard (SQL Server)

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Table encryption is designed to protect sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or national identification numbers (e.g. U.S. social security numbers), stored in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server databases. Always Encrypted allows clients to encrypt sensitive data inside client applications and never reveal the encryption keys to the database engine, whether SQL database or SQL Server.

The Column Encryption Key wizard lets you specify the name and master key attributes.

To create a new column encryption key using a wizard:

  1. Open a creation wizard for a column encryption key. For details, see Opening an Object Wizard.
  2. Use the following topics as a guide to setting properties and performing tasks as you pass through the wizard panels:
  3. Finally, use the Execute button to create the object.

Column Encryption Key (SQL Server) - Properties

When creating or editing an encryption key, this tab/panel lets you work with the following settings:

Setting Description

Encryption Key Name

Provide a name of the encryption key being created.

Master Key Name

Add and review the Master Key associated with this encryption key.