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Libraries are an object type that represent a call to an operating system shared library cache. After the call is made, libraries can be used by SQL or PL/SQL to link to external procedures or functions. Libraries are only to be used on operating systems that support shared libraries and dynamic linking. Libraries serve as pointers or aliases to physical operating system shared library files and do not exist as a physical object; rather they rely on the physical existence of the files in the external operating system library to which they refer. To access the function or procedures stored in the library, you need execute privileges at the operating system level where the shared library resides.

  • To create a library in your own schema, you need CREATE ANY LIBRARY privileges. To use the functions or procedures stored in the library, you need object EXECUTE privileges on the library.

To Open the Library Wizard

  1. On the Navigator/Explorer, find the datasource where you want to create a Library and expand the Schema node.
  2. Right-click the Libraries node, and select New.

The table that follows describes the fields you may encounter using this wizard:

Required Information Description
Who owns the library?


What is the name of the library?


What is the file specification?

Lets you type the file name and location. You must type the complete location (for example, C:\Path\To\My\Library.DLL).