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The Merge Copy function makes a merged copy of the data sets within a table space. You can merge incremental copies of a tablespace to make one incremental copy, or you can merge incremental copies with a full image copy to make a new full image copy.

Platform Availability

To Create a Merge Copy

  1. On the Datasource Navigator/Explorer, expand the Tablespaces node.
    DBArtisan displays the Tablespaces.
  2. Right-click the target tablespace and select MergeCopy from the context menu.
    DBArtisan opens the MERGECOPY Utility wizard.
  3. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings in the wizard:
Step Settings and tasks


Do you want the utility to be restartable?

Yes or No

Tape Stacking Properties

Yes or no. When you select Yes, you can then set the dataset Properties.

Do you want to merge all incremental copies with the full image copy to make a new full image copy?



Here you are setting the dataset information for the working data definition name.


Select tablespaces

lets you work with the list of tablespaces.

4. When ready, click Finish.