Modifying Configuration/Initialization Parameters and Options

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You can modify the configuration/initialization parameters for each server.

Note: Before modifying configuration/initialization parameters consult the documentation for each platform. Many changes to these parameters require you to shutdown and to restart the server or have other effects. For access to third-party documentation, see Accessing Third Party Documentation.
Note: Not all available parameters are modifiable.

To modify a configuration/initialization for a datasource

  1. Connect to the datasource for which you want to view the server configuration/initialization parameters or options.
    For details, see Connecting to Datasources.
  2. On the Datasource menu, click Configure.
    • If you are working with DB2 LUW, Sybase ASE, or Oracle, a dialog opens, displaying each supported configuration/initilization parameter, its current value, and a description. Double-click a parameter to open an Edit Configuration dialog on the parameter. Provide a new value in the New Value box and then click OK to accept the new value and close the dialog. When finished editing parameters, click Execute.
    • If you are working with SQL Server or MySQL, a System Configuration tab opens, displaying each supported configuration/initilization parameter, its current value, and a description. Click in the Value field of a parameter to select it and then click in the Value field a second time to enable editing. Provide a new value in the Value field and then click anywhere outside the field to accept the new value. When finished editing parameters, close the tab and when prompted to save the system configuration, select Yes.

Notes on Oracle Managed Files (OMF)

For Oracle 91 only, Oracle Managed Files (OMF) suport is provided. OMF automatically manages files for tablespace, redo logs, and control files. Oracle automatically creates and removes operating system files as you create and drop storage objects.

You can enter the following query to set the db_create_file_dest parameter at the system level. You can set the parameter value for the session level by using Alter session clause:

DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST = '/u01/oradata/sample2'

Tip: You can also set the parameter at the system level in the Edit Configuration dialog box.