Navigating and Setting Properties in an Object Wizard

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When you invoke an object wizard, it opens on the first pane of the wizard, typically a Properties pane. As you select options or provide details, you use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the window and the pane controls at the left of the window to navigate through the wizard.

  • Use the Next button to move to the next pane of the wizard.
Note: In some cases, the Next button is not activated until required information is provided. Similarly, some panes of a wizard do not become accessible until activated by choice of an option or property on a previous pane. For example, a Partitions tab in a table wizard may only become available if the Clustered and Number of Partitions options on a prior tab are set accordingly.
  • Use the Back button to move to the previous pane of the wizard.
  • Use the pane controls at the left of the window to move to a specific pane of the wizard.