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Types define an abstract data type or object composed of a collection of similar types of data. For example, you can create an object type that defines a full address rather than the pieces of an address, such as city, state and postal code. An object type stores the pieces of an address in a single type, storing them in the same location, and allowing the full address to be accessed and manipulated as single unit rather than multiple units.

To Open the Object Type Wizard

  1. On the Navigator/Explorer, find the datasource where you want to create a Type and expand the Schema node.
  2. Right-click the Type node, and select New.

The single page wizard asks that you pick an owner for the type and name the type. The fun begins after you make your choices and click Finish. The Object Editor, where you can finalize the object type’s creation, opens.

The Object Type Editor’s tabs are:

  • Header: Here you flesh out the specification for the type you’re creating including any methods (a subprogram), attributes, and any parameters or return types for a function.
  • Body: For every specification, the object type body defines the code for the method. If the object type header declares only attributes, not a method, the body is unnecessary.

You need to create the object type before you can see the following tabs. After you’ve added what you need to the Header and Body pages of the Editor, click Create on the toolbar.

  • Information: Read-only page that indicates the vital statistics for the object type.
  • Dependencies: A tree structure displays the objects that depend on the type you have created.
  • Privileges: Displays individual, group, and role permissions associated with the object type.