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This wizard lets you create an SQL Agent operator. It also lets you assign a set of notifications sent to the operator for selected SQL Agent alerts.

Note: For an overview of SQL Agent service support provided by DBArtisan, see SQL Server Agent.

To create a new operator using a wizard:

  1. Open an object creation wizard for an operator. For details, see Opening an Object Wizard.
  2. Use the following topics as a guide to setting properties and performing tasks as you pass through the wizard panels:
  3. Finally, use the Execute button to create the object.

For information on related SQL Agent elements, see the following topics:

Operators (SQL Server) - Properties

When creating or editing a SQL Agent operator, this tab/panel lets you identify the operator, set an enabled/disabled status, specify the operators contact information, and set a pager duty schedule. Offering controls to build a basic sp_add_operator call, it has the following settings:

Property group Setting Description



Provide a name for the operator.


Set the status of this operator to enabled or disabled.


Type the operator’s email address.

Pager Address

Type the operator’s pager address.

Net Send Address

Type the operator’s net send address.

Pager on duty schedule

Monday through Sunday

Select the days that this operator is available for pages.

Operators (SQL Server) - Notifications

When creating or editing an operator, this tab lets you select the SQL Agent alerts for which this operator will be notified. The selections are submitted as a set of sp_add_notification calls made after the sp_add_operator call used to create the operator or submit operator definition changes.

To assign one or more alerts to the operator currently being defined

  1. Select one or more of the Email, Pager, or Net Send check boxes associated with an alert.
    Note: When editing an operator, this tab displays the status of the most recent attempts to notify this operator by email, pager and net send.