Recording a Session

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Go Up to Session Recording

You can create a session file that includes a series of commands or actions using the Session Recording Mode dialog box.

Completing the Session Recording Mode Dialog Box

1. On the Datasource menu, click Session Recording.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Enter Session Recording Mode dialog box.

Option Description

Session Name

Lets you type the name of the session.

Session File

Lets you type the location and session file name or click the browse button. Session files have a *.ses file extension.

Note: Each task that you record is appended to the session file. In place of an Execute button, a Record button is displayed. To record a certain task, click the Record Button to open the Task Recording dialog box.
2. When you want to exit session recording mode, open an ISQL Window that lets you review the session file.
3. On the Datasources menu, click Session Recording.
An SQL window opens.

For more information, see Session Recording and Executing a Session File.