Shutting Down a Server (SQL Server, Sybase ASE)

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Go Up to Server Management Options

You can perform an ordered or immediate shutdown of an SQL Server or Sybase ASE.

To shut down a server

  1. In the Navigator/Explorer, select the target datasource.
  2. On the Datasource menu, select Shutdown. The Shutdown Server dialog box opens. Once of the options and functionalities are selected, click Execute.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Shutdown Sever dialog.

Option Description


Shuts down the server in an orderly fashion. Logins are disabled and currently executing Transact-SQL statements and stored procedures are allowed to finish. Wait Time (Sybase ASE only) - Lets you enable a grace period, an upper limit on how long to wait for normal operations to complete before forcing a shutdown. Wait time is specified in hours, minutes, and seconds, and if this option is not enabled, the Sybase ASE server will wait indefinitely before shutting down.


Shuts down the server immediately. Checkpoints are not performed. The server terminates all user processes and rolls back any active transactions.

For information on the scheduling option, see Scheduling.