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The Data Files tab lets you view fragmentation and object placement information for data files.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Datafiles tab of the Space Analyst:

Option Description

Datafile Fragmentation

Displays fragmentation about datafiles. Higher scores for a datafile's fragmentation index indicate little or no fragmentation, while lower scores indicate fragmentation. If fragmentation is present, you can view detailed object and fragmentation information for the datafile's tablespace in the tablespace map. You can correct fragmentation problems via Space Analyst's Reorganization Wizard. NOTE: Datafiles for temporary tablespaces are not included in the Datafile Fragmentation grid.

Datafile Objects Overview

Contains a grid that displays how much space in each datafile is assigned to tables, indexes, clusters, and rollback segments.

Tip: To open a Tablespace Editor, right-click a datafile in any grid, and then select Open. To extract the tablespace DDL in an ISQL editor, right-click a datafile in any grid, and then select Extract.

Available Functionality

The following functionality is available in the Command menu, shortcut menu, and toolbar:

Note: Functionalists differ by platform.

Open Editor. For information on modifying database objects, see Modifying objects using editors.