Specifying Datasource Properties When Registering Datasources

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The Datasource Registration Wizard’s Datasource Properties panel lets you specify properties used in conjunction with application features. The following table describes these settings and their DBMS availability:

Setting Description

#Include Search Directories

Enter one or more paths on this datasource, which will be searched for files in conjunction with use of the #include directive in the ISQL editor, Procedure Object Editor, or Package Body Object Editor. Separate multiple paths using semicolons. For example: c:\myscripts;c:\Program Files\Scripts For more information on use of the #include directive, see SQL Preprocessing: #define and #include. Note that if there are no entries specified here, the directory specified on the Directories tab of the Options editor will be searched. For more information, see Directories Options.

Database device default path (Sybase ASE)

The database device default path is used when creating a new database device.

View Related ER Models

Opens a dialog displaying models related to the current datasource and letting you create and delete relationships.

For more general information on registering datasources, see Manually Registering or Editing Datasources.