Specifying Group and Category Details When Registering Datasources

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Go Up to Manually Registering or Editing Datasources

The Datasource Registration Wizard’s Datasource Group panel lets you specify properties that help you organize your datasources. The following table describes these settings and their DBMS availability:

Select the datasource group folder

Select the folder that is to contain this datasource.

Select a category

If you want to use category-based user interface item color-coding and labeling for this datasource, this dropdown lets you select an existing category to assign this datasource to that category. You can also select Customize to manage your categories. For details, see Customizing Datasource Categories. For an introduction to datasource categorization and related tasks, see Categorizing Datasources using Color-coding and Labeling.

For more general information on registering datasources, see Manually Registering or Editing Datasources.