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AppWave Enterprise License Center 5.2

Published April 5th, 2015

Release 5.2 features summary:

  • Product catalog for admins and end users
    • The Product Catalog allows administrators full control over the organization’s applications and licensing. For the user it is a one page solution to product retrieval and licensing.


  • Auto-updates
    • Server and client slip auto-updates for subscription and maintenance licensees.
  • Improved reports AW style
    • In-depth scheduled reporting and report quick view, allows you to maintain and administer your licensing.


  • Wizard style setup
    • For first time use, the new Setup wizard takes you through the first steps to configuring your ELC server.


  • LDAP improvements
    • Import and synchronize your user and groups against your LDAP server.
  • Assigning NNU licenses to groups.
  • Reservations for concurrent licenses.

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