Configuring ELC Using the Web Admin Interface

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The Web Admin lets you configure and manage the ELC from a Web browser. The following browsers are compatible with the Web Admin:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 and newer

Important! Check that your browser has JavaScript enabled and that it accepts cookies from your server page.

To access the Web Admin, launch a web browser on your computer, and enter the server's machine name, for example:


The webAdminBindAddress property in file specifies what IP address the Web Admin server uses. The default is If there is more than one hostname and/or IP on the machine where the ELC is installed, the default value ensures the Web Admin is reachable on all of them. If no value is defined the address is taken from server slip(s).

The default port for the Web Admin server is 5580. It can be changed by modifying the file. Change the line webAdminHttpPort = 5580 to webAdminHttpPort = [your port]. After modifying the port, you can access the Web Admin by clicking http://machine-name:[your port]/loginAdmin.jsp. If you set the port to 80, you do not need a port number in the URL.

You can disable Web Admin by changing the webAdminEnable property the file to False.

To login as one of the default Web Admin Users

Web Admin defines two default users:

  • Username: admin
Password: admin
  • Username: viewer
Password: viewer

To login for the first time, use the default username admin and default password admin.

When logged in as viewer, you can only view status and are not allowed to edit, add, or delete.

When logged in as admin, you can:

  • View current hosted licenses
  • Obtain licenses via License Hosting
  • View/Edit product catalog
  • View connected users
  • View/Add/Edit concurrent users
  • View/Add/Edit named users
  • View/Add/Edit valid IP list
  • View/Add/Edit configuration properties
  • Run various reports
  • Manage user groups
  • View server logs
  • View/Reload server status
  • Change the default password

To use the Web Admin Interface

Click Web Admin Help in the upper left corner for usage instructions.

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