Using the Grid Editor for Entering Reference Objects Data

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Go Up to Grid Editor

The Grid Editor provides a fast and simple means of entering large amounts of data for Reference Objects.

1 In the Model View tree, right-click on one of the Reference Object subnodes (for example Business Elements).
2 Select Grid Editor and the Grid Editor opens.
Note: If no reference objects exist, the first row is blank. If reference objects already exist for the selected node, the blank row appears at the end of the existing objects.
3 When you select the blank row, the Name text field becomes editable. Enter the element name and tab to the Data Type cell.
4 You can select one of the data types from a drop-down list. The list of data types depends on the type of reference object you are creating.
5 Tab to the Description cell and enter any descriptive text. You can also add addition information in the Notes column.
6 When you tab again you are automatically taken to the next blank row where the Name cell is editable.
Note: A newly created Reference Object element now appears in the Model View tree under the selected subnode.
7 You can quickly navigate through the rows. Each time you press Enter you advance down one row. When you reach the last row, you are returned to the first row.