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The Add/Remove Macros dialog box lets you add shortcuts to macros that you want to quickly access from various places in ER/Studio Data Architect. This dialog box is supported from the Main Menu, as well as the diagram, Entity, View, and Relationship shortcut menus. You can add up to ten macros for each object.



  • The point at which you open the dialog box, is where ER/Studio Data Architect adds the shortcut. For example, if you right-click an entity and then click Add/Remove Macro Shortcuts, ER/Studio Data Architect opens the Add/remove Macros Dialog box and indicates Entity in the title bar.
  • You can only add ten macros for each object.

The table below describes the options and functionality available on the Add/Remove Macros dialog box:



Available Macros

Lists all Macros available to set in the shortcut menu.

Selected Macros

Displays macros currently on the shortcut menu.

Add or Remove Macros

  1. Choose Macro Shortcuts > Add/Remove Macro Shortcuts.
  2. In the Available Macros box, click the target macros and then click the right-arrow.
    Magic Wand Icon.pngTip: You can double-click any macro to add or remove it.
  3. To remove a Macro, in the Selected Macros box, click the target macros and then click the left-arrow.
    Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: You can only select up to ten macros. If you try to select more than ten, ER/Studio Data Architect returns an error. You must remove some macros before you can add new ones.
  4. When you are finished adding or removing macros, click OK.

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