Checking Out a Concurrent License for Offline Usage

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In an environment where the IDERA License Center (ELC) is used to manage concurrent ER/Studio Data Architect licenses you will need to check out the license in order to use it while disconnected from your network. Depending on the settings specified by your ELC Administrator, you can check out a license up to a maximum of 30 days (720 hours).

  1. Select Help > Checkout License.
  2. In the Checkout License from Server dialog that appears, enter the number of hours for which you want to use the license offline, and then click OK..
    Now, when you are disconnected from the ELC server, your copy of ER/Studio Data Architect will be licensed.
  3. When you next connect to the network, you can return your license to the license pool by selecting Help > Checkin License.

Your license will then be available for other users to use when you quit ER/Studio Data Architect.

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