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Intellectual Property infringement, including copyright or trademark infringement, is not acceptable. All contributors shall only submit work that is their own original work or a derivative work of the Documentation wiki materials. In the event they wish to contribute work that is either a third party’s or a derivative work of a third party they must first contact for the work to be vetted. For example, you may have created a derivative work based on materials licensed under a Creative Commons license. We would need to review the underlying work and the specific Creative Commons license to determine the acceptability of including such work on the Documentation wiki.

Any materials which are found or believed to be an infringement of a third party’s rights will have the body text removed, and said page may be protected from further edits until the matter has been resolved. The legal owners of any image or other file used on this site may request the removal of said materials at any time.

All contributors are hereby informed that their submissions may be edited, moved, or deleted by others. This wiki’s policy is to protect such pages from editing only in cases of vandalism or if a prior version was found or believed to be infringing. If you do not wish your work to be altered, please do not submit it.

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