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HTML5 Builder is surrounded by an ever-growing community of developers from all backgrounds, willing to share their experiences and help each other out.


For general news and articles about HTML5 Builder, you should check the Embarcadero HTML5 Builder Developer Network.


Follow the Embarcadero Blogs Planet for news, information, tutorials, and other help resources.

Some people you might want to follow there:

José León
HTML5 Builder Lead Developer.
Pablo Mateos
HTML5 Builder Developer.
José Pérez
HTML5 Builder Developer. Blogs mostly in Spanish.
Juan Antonio Ruzafa
HTML5 Builder QA Engineer.


In case you do not find what you were looking for in any of the other available help resources, you should try the HTML5 Builder Forums. There you might find your answers from other users like you, and your input, be it a question or an answer, may be used to improve HTML5 Builder’s documentation.

Note: You will need to register an account to post to the forums.

Message Formatting

When writing on the forums, you can use some formatting features on your messages to make them more readable:

Text Effects

Makes text strong.
Makes text emphasis.


You can use HTML to create links:

<a href="">link text</a>
link text


function myFunction($parameter1, $parameter2) {
    return $parameter1 + $parameter2;

Results in something like:

function myFunction($parameter1, $parameter2) {
    return $parameter1 + $parameter2;