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Use this dialog box to specify the text you want to locate and to set options that affect the search.

Item Description
Text to find Specifies the text to find in the files of the selected directory.
Case sensitive Differentiates uppercase from lowercase when performing a search.
Whole words only Searches for words only. If unchecked, the search string might be found within longer words.
Search all files in project Searches all files in the open project.
Search all open files Searches files that are currently open.
Search in directories When selected, the "Search Directory Options" are available. The search proceeds through all files indicated.
Directory Specify the path of the files to be searched.

To search other files, use a wildcard entry (such as *.* or *.txt) at the end of the path.

To enter multiple masks, separate the masks with semicolons.

To search for files in the HTML5 Builder root directory, specify the root directory using the appropriate environment variable.

Include subdirectories Searches subdirectories of the directory path specified.

Each occurrence of a string is listed in the "Messages" view below the "Code Editor". Double-click a list entry to move to that line in the code.


To repeat the last search, right-click in the "Messages" view and select "Repeat Search".


The "Find in Files" command changes to "Cancel Find in Files" while a lengthy search is in progress. To stop a search in progress, right-click on the search result tab for that search and choose "Close Tab" or choose Search >Cancel Find in Files.

This dialog allows you to search for text on a set of files, the set of files can be made of files opened, files on the project or files in a disk folder

Results are shown on the Search results window and grouped by the file they have been found, the number of matches on each file will be added as <%d matches> at the end of the filename.

When the search operation is finished, the totals are shown at the bottom, number of files found and total number of matches found, this list is cleared when a new search operation is started.

Double clicking on a search result, must open the file the match has been found and mark it. All results must be bookmarked, so even if the file is modified, double click will get to the right position.

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