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I have tested the trial of HTML5 builder and was struggling, to say the least, to get my grips around how database access works in this environment. It appears to be substantially different to how it works in Delphi. I never got even the most basic database connection up and running and I couldn't get the examples to work either. The RPCL documentation is really bad. One single paragraph for every property is not enough to understand what the property does. Seeing as HTML5 builder is a featured product of the RAD Studio XE3, it is very disappointing to see the state of the documentation.

I see two clear goals that should be met. First there needs to be a thorough tutorial for people migrating from Delphi that explains all the differences between data access in Delphi and HTML5 Builder with multiple examples. Why are there no TField compenents in RPCL? To what degree do I have to actually program the dataconnection in code? In Delphi I can set up the entire connection and see the data live, without programming a single line of code. Is this possible in HTML5 builder? Why not? (Explain in detail!) HTML5 builder is marketed as a RAD development tool for PHP, HTML and JavaScript, so I would expect that many of my skills from Delphi could be transfered over, but this is not the case it seems.

Secondly, the RPCL documentation needs to be fleshed out substantially! Goal should be half a page of documentaion for each property and method with an example if appropriate, multiple examples for the important stuff.

--Andersa (talk) 00:41, 17 October 2012 (PDT)