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To Be Done

Writting Templates


This is the template for a book in the main page. Fourth level an beyond would not go in the main page, but be contained in the third-level item, or linked from it.

  • Project Type
    • Development
      • Get Started. What the project is about, how to create a new one, what type of files to use, etc.
      • Feature1
      • Feature2
    • Improvement
      • Debugging
      • Profiling
      • Refactoring
    • Deployment
      • Type1
      • Type2


This is the template for a component page (for example: Media).

  • Configuration. Mandatory or fundamental steps to be followed to get the component working.
  • Usage.
  • Client-side Features. Which DOM elements it has, how to access them and a link to their documentation in the MDN.
    • DOM Elements. (see Bevel)
    • Client-side Events.
      :''Documented in the '''{{RPCLClass|{{PAGENAME}}|{{Library}} Reference}}'''.''
    • Client-side Functions.
      Include the following note right after the heading: {{Note|In order to call these functions, prefix them with {{JavaScript|ComponentName}}. For example: {{JavaScript|{{PAGENAME}}1FunctionName();}}.}}
  • Server-side Features.
    • Properties, Methods and Events.
      :''Documented in the '''{{RPCLClass|{{PAGENAME}}|{{Library}} Reference}}'''.''
    • Server-side Functions.
  • Help Resources.
    • Sample Applications.
      In the following folders inside the [[Paths#Sample Applications Folder|sample applications directory]] you will find projects covering this component:
      *{{Path|Path\To\The\Sample\Application\Folder}}. <Description of the application and its relation to the component>
    • <Help Resource Name>
  • See Also.