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The functions in the InterBase Install API perform many of the steps that were previously the responsibility of the developer:

  • Performs preinstall checks: check for valid operating system, correct user permissions, existing copies of InterBase, disk space, source and destination directories.
  • Logs all actions to a file called ib_install.log.
  • Creates the destination directory if necessary (and possible).
  • Checks for option dependencies.
  • Copies all files, performing necessary version checks to avoid copying over newer versions.
  • Creates needed registry entries and increases reference count of shared files.
  • On Windows server platforms, installs the InterBase Server and InterBase Guardian as services that start automatically; on Windows non-server platforms, adds the Guardian to the Run section of the Registry.
  • Modifies the TCP/IP Services file if necessary.
  • Writes the selected options into the uninstall file.


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