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This guide coversd the "how-to" information on developing InterBase database applications using Embarcadero development tools, JDBC, and ODBC. Topics include:

  • Connecting to databases
  • Understanding datasets
  • Working with tables, queries, stored procedures, cached updated and events
  • Working with UDF and Blob filters
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Working with InterBase Services
  • Writing install wizards


Chapter Product
Chapter 1: Using the InterBase Developers Guide Intended audience and coverage
Chapter 2: Client/Server Concepts Architecture of client/server systems using InterBase, including the definition of client and server, and options for application development
Chapter 3: Programming Applications with Delphi or C++ Builder Describes how to attach to and detach from databases, and how to request information about attachments
Chapter 4: Programming with JDBC Building InterBase applications using InterClient,InterServer, and JBuilder
Chapter 5: Programming Applications with ODBC Programming InterBase applications with ODBC and OLE DB; programming with the ODBC driver and configuring and using ODBC data sources.
Chapter 6: Working with UDFs and Blob Filters Working with UDFs: UDF libraries, declaring the functions to the database, calling the functions; working with Blob filters
Chapter 7: Designing Database Applications Designing a database application, including the decisions involved in designing a user interface, how to use databases, and database architecture
Chapter 8: Building Multi-tiered Applicatins Understanding the elements of a database application, including datasets and transactions
Chapter 9: Introduction to IBX Using InterBase Express (IBX) data access components
Chapter 10: Connecting to Databases Database components and how to manipulate database connections
Chapter 11: Importing and Exporting Data Using IBX components to migrate data to and from a database
Chapter 12: Working with Interbase Services Building InterBase services into your applications
Chapter 13: Programming with Database Events Using an IBX TIBEvents component to manage InterBase server events
Chapter 14: Working with Cached Updates Working with cached updates, and using the TIBUpdateSQL component to update datasets
Chapter 15: Understanding Datasets Working with datasets and TDataSet
Chapter 16: Working with Queries Working with datasets and TDataSet
Chapter 17: Working with Tables Working with tables and TIBTable
Chapter 18: Working with Stored Procedures Using InterBase stored procedures in your database applications
Chapter 19: Debugging with SQL Monitor Using TIBSQLMonitor to monitor the dynamic SQL passing through the InterBase server
Chapter 20: Writing Installation Wizards Using TIBSetup, TIBInstall, and TIBUninstall to build an InterBase installation program
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