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Defines classes and types for FireMonkey audio-video media.

For an overview, see Audio-Video in FireMonkey.

Package fmx290.bpl


ECaptureDeviceExceptionException class for TCaptureDeviceManager.
EMediaCodecManagerExceptionException class for TMediaCodecManager.
EMediaExceptionException class for TMedia.
TAudioCaptureDeviceDefines an audio capture device.
TCameraComponentNonvisual component for a camera device.
TCaptureDeviceBase class for capturing devices.
TCaptureDeviceClassTCaptureDeviceClass defines the metaclass for TCaptureDevice.
TCaptureDeviceManagerManager class for capturing devices.
TCustomMediaCodecBase class for media codecs.
TCustomMediaCodecClassTCustomMediaCodecClass defines the metaclass for TCustomMediaCodec.
TCustomMediaPlayerActionBase class for FireMonkey actions that work on an instance of TMediaPlayer.
TMediaBase class to access media files.
TMediaCodecManagerMedia codecs manager.
TMediaPlayerNonvisual component for media file playback.
TMediaPlayerControlVisual component to display video media files.
TMediaPlayerCurrentTimeAction that provides control over the CurrentTime property of a FireMonkey media player.
TMediaPlayerPlayPauseFireMonkey media player action that starts or resumes the playback of its media player if the state of the media player is Stopped, or stops the playback if the state of the media player is Playing.
TMediaPlayerStartFireMonkey media player action that starts or resumes the playback of its media player.
TMediaPlayerStopFireMonkey media player action that stops the playback and resets the CurrentTime of its media player to 0.
TMediaPlayerValueBase class for FireMonkey media player actions for controls with ValueRange-type properties.
TMediaPlayerVolumeAction that provides control over the Volume property of a FireMonkey media player.
TMediaTimeHelperIs a record used to convert the time of a media player into conventional formats.
TVideoCaptureDeviceDefines a video capturing device.


TCameraKindEnumerates the possible kinds of TCameraComponents.
TCaptureDeviceClassListDefines a list of TCaptureDeviceClass objects.
TCaptureDeviceListDefines a list of TCaptureDevice objects.
TCaptureDeviceStateEnumerates the possible states of a capturing device.
TDevicePositionEnumerates the possible positions of a video capture device relative to the hardware system.
TFlashModeEnumerates the possible flash options of a video device.
TFocusModeEnumerates the possible focus options of a video device.
TMediaStateEnumerates the possible states of a media file.
TMediaTimeRepresentation of the time length for the media file.
TMediaTypeEnumerates the possible types of the media file.
TSampleBufferReadyEventTSampleBufferReadyEvent is used for the OnSampleBufferReady event of a video capturing device.
TTorchModeEnumerates the possible torch options used during the video capturing process.
TVideoCaptureQualityEnumerates the possible quality options of captured video data.
TVideoCaptureSettingRecord that represents the configuration of a single camera frame rate with its corresponding resolution.
TVideoCaptureSettingPriorityEnumerates the priorities to sort the video capture settings of a camera.


MediaTimeScaleMediaTimeScale: Integer = $989680;