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TMultiView = class(TCustomMultiView)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TMultiView : public TCustomMultiView


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.MultiView FMX.MultiView


The class for MultiView components that allows providing the master-detail interface.

With TMultiView, you can implement a master-detail interface, which can be used for any target platform (such as an iOS, Android, or desktop application).

The TMultiView component provides the interface between the master and detail panes:

  • In the master pane, you can display a collection of visual controls, such as edit boxes, labels, lists, and so on. These controls may be linked to the concrete views on the detail pane.
  • The detail pane displays information about the objects selected in the master pane. Whenever you change the selection in the master pane, the detail pane is updated to show details of the new selection.

For more information, see Mobile Tutorial: Using a MultiView Component to Display Alternate Views of Information (iOS and Android) and FMX.MultiViewDemo sample application.

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