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function InvRegistry: TInvokableClassRegistry;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE TInvokableClassRegistry* __fastcall InvRegistry(void);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Soap.InvokeRegistry Soap.InvokeRegistry


Provides access to the invocation registry.

Call InvRegistry to access the invocation registry. The returned object has two methods, RegisterInterface and RegisterInvokableClass, that you can use for registering invokable interfaces (interfaces compiled with RTTI) and the classes that implement them.

Server applications that implement Web Services need to register both the invokable interfaces and the implementation classes. The invoker component can then use the invocation registry to locate invokable interfaces and identify classes that implement them.

Client applications that call on Web Services register the invokable interfaces that they call. The remote interfaced object component can then use the invocation registry to generate a dynamic method table for calling the invokable interfaces.

Note: Both client and server applications must register invokable interfaces using the same namespace. You can either supply this namespace explicitly when you register an interface, or you can use the automatically generated namespace. If you use the automatically generated interface, the interface must be defined in the same unit on both client and server, and both client and server must have the same value set for the global AppNameSpacePrefix variable.

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