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Package fmx240.bpl


TNonReentrantHelperHelper class that contains utilities to facilitate writing non-reentrant sections of code.


CheckPointCalculates the degree of matching between two points.
ColorToVector3D (deprecated)Converts a TAlphaColor into a tagVECTOR3D.
FillAlphaSets the alpha value of multiple (Count) alpha colors at once.
FillAlphaColorFills a number of items in a TAlphaColor array with the value of a TAlphaColor.
FillAlphaColorRectFills a region of a rectangle with the given TAlphaColor.
GetLongHintReturns the long version of the hint.
GetShortHintReturns the short version of the hint.
GetTokenGets a token from a string.
InterpolateColorCalculates the current value of an interpolation for alpha color values.
InterpolateRotationCalculates the current value of an interpolation for singles values.
InterpolateSingleCalculates the current value of an interpolation for singles values.
IsPointInCircleChecks if a point is inside of a circle.
LuminanceCalculates the relative luminance of the given TAlphaColor.
Point3DToStringConverts the given TPoint3D to a string.
PointToStringConverts the coordinates of the given point to an AnsiString.
RectToStringConverts the coordinates of the given rectangle to an AnsiString.
ReverseBytes (deprecated)Reverses the bytes of a specified buffer.
StringToPointReturns a TPointF based on the given AnsiString coordinates.
StringToPoint3DConverts the given string to a TPoint3D.
StringToRectReturns a TRectF based on the given AnsiString coordinates.
ValidateInheritanceVerifies that a class is an instance of another class or inherits from it.
Vector3DToColor (deprecated)Creates an alpha color based on the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the given 3D vector.


PAlphaColorArrayPAlphaColorArray is a pointer to TAlphaColorArray.
PAlphaColorRecArrayPAlphaColorRecArray is a pointer to TAlphaColorRecArray.
TAlphaColorArrayTAlphaColorArray is an array of colors.
TAlphaColorRecArrayTAlphaColorRecArray is an array of channel colors.
TCircle2DA record that represents a 2D circle.
TLine2DA record that represents a 2D line.


USFormatSettingsVariable of type TFormatSettings that is internally used for various string-to-float operations.

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