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The Vcl.ActnList unit has the same purpose for VCL as FMX.ActnList does for FireMonkey. The Vcl.ActnList unit contains the base classes for working with actions in VCL. All similar classes have the same names in both FMX.ActnList and Vcl.ActnList units.

Package vcl240.bpl


TActionTAction is the base class for VCL action objects. TAction implements actions to be used with menu items and controls. The published properties and events of TAction actions can be managed in the Object Inspector at design time.
TActionLinkTActionLink is the base class for action links that connect actions to commonly used properties of VCL objects, components, and controls.
TActionListTActionList maintains a list of actions that can be used by components and controls such as menu items and buttons.
TCustomActionTCustomAction is the base class for VCL actions intended to be used with menu items and controls.
TCustomActionListTCustomActionList is the base class for action list objects that manage a set of actions.
TShortCutListTShortCutList provides the VCL implementation of framework-specific features from the System.Actions.TCustomShortCutList class.

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