FMX.Types.IAlignableObject Properties

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AlignpublicSpecifies the alignment options (top, left, client, and so on) of this object.
AllowAlignpublicSpecifies whether the current object allows the alignment to be applied.
AnchorMovepublicFlag that is used to mark the process of updating the control position during alignment.
AnchorOriginpublicSpecifies the point to which the current object is anchored.
AnchorRulespublicSpecifies the precalculated values whose meanings differ depending on anchor settings.
AnchorspublicSpecifies how the object is anchored to its parent.
HeightpublicSpecifies the vertical size of the object (in pixels).
LeftpublicSpecifies the horizontal coordinate of the left edge of the object, relative to its parent.
MarginspublicSpecifies the distances (in pixels) from each edge (top, left, bottom, right) of a control to either another control within the same Parent or to the edge of its Parent.
OriginalParentSizepublicSpecifies the size of the current control's parent as a point.
PaddingpublicSpecifies the object's padding.
ToppublicSpecifies the vertical coordinate of the upper-left corner of a control, relative to its parent, in pixels.
WidthpublicSpecifies the horizontal size of the control (in pixels).