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property AutoRefresh: Boolean read FAutoRefresh write SetAutoRefresh default False;


__property bool AutoRefresh = {read=FAutoRefresh, write=SetAutoRefresh, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Bde.DBTables TDBDataSet


Specifies whether server-generated field values are refetched automatically.

When AutoRefresh is false (the default), values that the server creates for autoincrement fields and fields with default values when a record is posted are not automatically refetched by the dataset. Instead, the application must call the dataset's Refresh method to update these field values. When AutoRefresh is true, these field values are automatically refreshed without an explicit call to the Refresh method.

Note: Some database drivers can't determine which fields are autoincrement fields or have default values. For these cases, you must provide this information by setting the AutoGenerateValue property of all fields that should be refreshed. Similarly, you must set the field components' AutoGenerateValue properties when the dataset represents a query or stored procedure.

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