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function PSIsSQLBased: Boolean;


virtual bool __fastcall PSIsSQLBased _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE0 () = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Data.DB IProviderSupport


Warning: PSIsSQLBased is deprecated. Please use IProviderSupportNG.

Indicates whether the dataset includes native SQL support.

The provider calls PSIsSQLBased to determine whether the dataset supports some form of native SQL. This information is used when generating SQL commands that are executed by PSExecuteStatement.

Even if the dataset is not SQL-based, it may still allow the provider to execute SQL statements for applying updates. However, table and field names are not specified in the same way for the local SQL engine as they are for native SQL. The provider uses PSIsSQLBased to determine how these names should appear in generated SQL.

Note: The PSIsSQLSupported method indicates whether the dataset can execute SQL commands at all, regardless of whether the dataset is SQL-based.

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