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TCurrencyField = class(TFloatField)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCurrencyField : public TFloatField


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Data.DB Data.DB


TCurrencyField represents a field that contains currency values in a dataset.

TCurrencyField encapsulates the fundamental behavior common to currency fields. TCurrencyField differs from its immediate ancestor TFloatField only in having a DataType of ftCurrency, and in formatting the value using a currency format (one that represents monetary values) by default. Currency fields can hold values in the range from (positive or negative) 5.0 * 10^-324 to 1.7 * 10^308 with an accuracy of 15 digits.

Do not confuse TCurrencyField with the Currency data type. Currency fields use the double data type to store and manipulate their values. This data type is the format used by the physical database tables for currency fields. The TBCDField class uses the Currency data type to store and manipulate its value.

If you use the Fields editor at design time to create a persistent field component for the currency field, you can access it by name at runtime. When using dynamic field components, you can access the TCurrencyField instance using the dataset's Fields property or FieldByName method.

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